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Ultimate Lines (Quotes Box)

Ultimate Lines (Quotes Box)

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****Great app during brain fart. I love that I can use this when I can't think of a quick motivational one liner for my team. - JGViperGTS

****I was expecting it to be cheesy... But it is actually pretty good. - Dr schmoop

****Great for signing cards ot sending clever text messages. - Allstar420

****Great. This app is great. - Gossipfan890 -

*****Awesome. The jokes of this are great, and the other stuff not bad either. - iamthejtg

*****Love this app. The best part is that you can save your favorite quotes. - Sew Be it

*****Hey, Just Smile. Great little quips and phrases! Bring a smile to your face or someone elses. - PyroMD

*****Love it. Some really good ones and some I've not heard before. - Lil993

****I like it. - iBHA17

****Smart and useful. Thanks for great app! - ReekNoStink

*****Would worth the money when you need some inspiration. - adinler


The collection of only the very best quotes.

Do you really need 10,000, 4000 or even 2000 quotes ??

Imagine you want to crack a funny joke to your colleagues or an emotional quote to your dear one right now and you find yourself searching through that huge pool of quotes to get even a decent quote. Well, I think, instead of you cracking a joke in front of others ‘you would be the joke’ and of course, accompanying humiliation is just a side effect.

What you really need is an application that gives you an impressive quote or joke each and every time. It should be such that every joke should arouse laughter amongst your friends or every love quote should fetch you a ‘new girlfriend or boyfriend’.

This is what quote box is!!!! It does not boast of how many quotes or jokes it has but that each and every quote is worth it. Its like you filter a huge database by popularity and what you are left with is the very best.

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