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Love Map LITE-Astrological key to man's heart

Love Map LITE-Astrological key to man's heart

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💗 "A practical guide for girls and women"
💛 "Astrological key to man's heart"
💚 "How to conquer a man"

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓

🌸 A quick astrological help for those who are:
1) looking for a man;
2) trying to keep him, if he was found;
3) willing to marry him, if he has been kept;
4) dreaming of a happy and interesting life together, if you are already married...

...and if you are tired from the “happiness”, the program will tell you how to properly quit the relations, in order to move to the point 1.)

If you are looking for an attractive representative of the opposite sex (maybe you already have him, but the relations require some improvements), enter his and your date of birth and...

🍀 This program contains fascinating information about romantic relationships and characteristics of all the zodiac signs, as well as tips on how to act not to be defeated in the love-life.

💟 “Why do you love him”
Find out everything about his zodiac - from the "sign" of the planet to his merits and drawbacks. What is his nature and what to expect from love. Who he is – a seasoned Lovelace, dreaming of his other half, romantic or….

- His zodiac
It is important

- Him and you *
Why do you love him?

- His ascendant *
All the "varieties" of it

- His emotions *
What is he like in love

🚹 “What do you expect from him”
10 pros and 10 cons of your meeting. Where to meet him - fishing on the river, with a glass of drink at a resort, or... How to draw his interest and what to be ready for - an unforgettable affair, a quiet marriage or...

- Meeting *
Where to look for him and how to find out

- Love affair or marriage *
What do you expect from him

- His advantages and disadvantages *
How to attract him

- His pros and cons
10 + 10 -

🚺 "How to charm and marry him"
How to convince him that you are the one, the very special. How to achieve a marriage proposal. What to expect from such a marriage – whether you will be equal partners, a victim of a patriarchal ideology, or...

- How to charm him *
How to awaken his feelings

- How to marry him *
How to achieve a proposal

- What is he like in marriage *
What happens after the wedding?

✴ "Intimate relationship"
How to figure out that you have “serious” relationship. How to behave on your first night – no-nos, 100 positions of Kamasutra or... For a comparison, you can study the biographies of famous people born under the same sign.

- When he treats it seriously *
He has serious feelings

- Your first night *
What is he like in an intimate relationship

- Born under the sign of
People born under the same sign

🚼 "How to keep him with you"
How not to get bored together... What those, like you, like in people like him. How to behave to achieve a mutual satisfaction – not a single day without a new scenario, everything is in his hands or...

- How to avoid boredom *
How to keep him with you

- Who with whom *
A man... and a woman…

- How to behave
Ten commandments

✳ "Love is in danger"
What to do if he is willing to leave. How to turn back the dangerous events. How to behave if you have unexpectedly begun a love affair on the side. How to properly quit the relations. Or...

- If he wants to leave *
The way he behaves when he wants to leave

- How to make him return *
How to avoid a break-up

- Jealousy and adultery *
What to do if there’s a love affair on the side

- If you are tired of him *
How to get rid of him

* Chapter text available through In-App Purchase
☑ English;
☑ Русский.

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