Last Time - track your important events

Last Time - track your important events

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Have you ever wondered when you last did something?
Your last vacation, your last call to your parents, or last toothbrush you changed.

Last Time makes tracking things become an easy and enjoyable task, so that you won't forget any important thing again.

Tracking ideas:
- Last time you watched the movie.
- Last time you hang out with your friends.
- Last time you visited your parents.
- Last time you enjoyed with your children.
- Last time you saw the dentist.
- Last time you read some good books.

Not just the good things, but you could track events you wish to quit or refrain from like smoking or being late. Possibility is limited to your imagination.

You will find you can manage time and things better just by knowing when you last did that things.

- Event tracking: Keeping track of how long since the last occurrence of an event.
- High usability: One tap away from any actions.
- Customizable: Change icons and backgrounds up to your preference.
- History: You could take note and see when you last did something in chronological order.
- Filtering display: Select to see only weeks, months, or years old events.
- Reminder: An app level reminder.

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What's New

This update include long-awaited and most requested feature, sync, and some other updates. Please have iTune backup before update.

Here are the details of updates:

(New)Sync Engine
You have an option to enable sync via Dropbox in Setting > Sync.
- If you have separate set of data across devices right now, just enable sync and all data will be merge.
- If you have same set of data across devices, I recommend you to keep the latest data on one device and delete data from the others (you can just delete and reinstall on other devices) and then enable sync on every devices.

Drop support of Dropbox backup/restore
This introduced in the early version as a way to sync data across devices, now we have a better way to sync, so I decided to drop support for this feature.

Drop support iOS6
With limited time and resource I think its time for us to move on.

(New)Touch ID
You can now use your finger to unlock Last Time, enable it in Settings > Touch ID.

(New)Custom Sort
Those sort by date and name don't suit your need? You can now rearrange events as you see fit, just hold and drag to reorder. Enable this in Settings > Sort options > Custom

(New)More category icons
Sorry for all the cat lovers out there for all the pain using dog icon to represent your cat-related events, I have add more icons including cat in this update!

Other fixes and improvements:
- Fix shifted left event in iOS8, iPad.
- Fix can't change event cover image on iPad.
- Fix passcode lock not to show contents on open / app switching.
- Change some look and feel.
- Improved stability.

I hope you enjoy these new features, thank you for supporting me all this year :) If you like Last Time, write a review on the App Store would be greatly appreciated.

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