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Have you ever wanted to hold a seance? Have you ever wanted to talk to the dead?

What if summoning as spirit was as easy as pressing a button?

Be the life of the party by summoning the dead... Now you and your friends can hold your own seance while "Ghost Seance" does all the work...

Light some candles, turn out the lights and gather in a circle around your phone. Now hit the audio play button and the virtual Seance Medium will do the rest. Watch and listen to your surroundings as the Seance Medium summons spirits. The pre-recorded medium will ask the spirits to perform signs to show they are present. Signs may come in the form of tapping noises, interference with lights and electronics, spoken words and if you’re lucky - full manifestation!

Many people secretly want to participate in a seance but rarely pursue it or bring up the topic with their friends out of fear of ridicule or judgment. A seance requires a leader - the medium - the one who does all the talking. Most people are too shy to do such a thing, even amongst their closest friends. Now thanks to "Ghost Seance" all you have to do is press a button, sit back as a group and listen to the prerecorded Seance Medium summon spirits for you.

Why would anyone want to summon a spirit?
- Proof of the afterlife
- Communication with a dead loved one
- Insight or knowledge about the unknown (past, present and future)
- Paranormal Investigation

This tool is highly useful for paranormal investigations

Do not be surprised if paranormal activity occurs as a result of using this app. However, we cannot guarantee that ghosts or spirits will appear, and cannot guarantee that any paranormal activity will be experienced. Some users may need to try multiple attempts before seeing results, and some users may never see any results.

Ghost Seance is designed to invoke supernatural responses from "Good Spirits" only. We accept no responsibility for any evil entities that may cross over. Use at your own risk.

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