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FitMind Sexual Arousal

FitMind Sexual Arousal

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FitMind Sexual Arousal uses scientifically engineered sequences of binaural frequencies designed to synchronize the frequency of your brain waves with a mentally and sexually aroused state of mind.

*** The Science Behind FitMind Sexual Arousal ***

FitMind Sexual Arousal synchronizes your brainwaves to a specific frequency by sending two different audible frequencies to each ear, which after being processed are perceived as a low frequency tone matching human brainwaves. Studies have shown various states of mind to be associated with these low frequencies, ranging from a sexual aroused state to a completely relaxed state.

FitMind Sexual Arousal recreates these frequencies, allowing your mind you to be cleared of distracting day-to-day stresses, and synchronize instead with your desired state. It achieves this using a unique process called Progressive Brainwave Entrainment.

*** Progressive Brainwave Entrainment ***

- Composite Binaural Frequencies that stimulate multiple brainwave frequencies are used to create combination experiences, such as confidence and motivation.

- Progressive Brainwave Programs - Each program goes through a progression of brainwaves, each for a specific period of time sufficient to synchronize your brainwaves with the binaural tones. This ensures a more effective brainwave entrainment experience.

*** Features ***

- 5 scientifically engineered programs, each designed to be used at a different time of the day, from early the morning and late at night, to the occasional afternoon delight.

- Advanced binaural sequences to take your mind through a series of binaural frequencies to achieve your desired state of mind.

- Adjustable Brainwave signal intensity: Adjust the brainwave signals independent of the background ambient nature sounds to your comfort level. Your preference will be saved for the next time you use the app.

- Multiple program durations (5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, 30 min, 35 min, 40 min, 45 min, 1 hour)

- Soothing background sounds including: Ocean Waves, Storm, Rain, Waterfall, Stream and Forest sounds. Your brain will process the binaural frequencies played over these background sounds.

- Tested on both iPhone and iPod Touch.

*** Binaural Sexual Arousal Programs ***

- Morning: A sequence of brainwave frequencies designed to gently bring you from a sleepy state to a physically stimulating, high-energy state of mind.

- Mid-day: An energizing, mood boosting sequence to put you in a positive, stress-free state of mind, that ends with an arousal boosting gamma frequency sequence.

- Afternoon: Very high energy brainwave sequences to quickly bring you to hightened state of arousal.

- Evening: Begins with a deeply relaxing low theta wave sequence to help you unwind and decompress, before gently bringing you back up steadily to a sexual aroused state.

- Late Evening: Begins with a gently relaxing sequence and quickly builds to a stimulating, highly aroused state.

Supports 1st and 2nd Generation iPhone and iPod Touch running OS v2.2.1 and v3.0

If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult your physician before using any binaural brainwave entrainment application.

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