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ChildSafe 411 Lite - Keeping every child safe, one child at a time!

ChildSafe 411 Lite - Keeping every child safe, one child at a time!

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ChildSafe411 was created by a Software Engineer and a Deputy Sheriff who put their skills and knowledge together to give parents a user-friendly iPhone application to help keep a child’s information close at hand should it be needed for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

The ChildSafe411 app is a powerful database that assists parents with storing and organizing pertinent child data in one safe and convenient location. There are multiple customizable screens that can be used to enter a wide range of information such as a child’s vital statistics, passport number, school information or even a birthday wish list! Once a child’s information is entered, parents no longer have to worry about remembering a child’s social security number at the doctor’s office or a child’s shoe size when shopping. In the case of an emergency, such as if a child becomes missing, the information stored in this application can be given to Law Enforcement quickly to help in the search for a child. Parents of missing children are often frantic and have trouble remembering basic information or have trouble locating a recent picture. With this application, all of the necessary information can be retrieved for Law Enforcement quickly. ChildSafe411 has e-mail capabilities so that you can email every single detail about your child's information to Law Enforcement instantly!

ChildSafe411 also has passcode protected feature which requires the user to enter a passcode before being able to view or enter in information about a child. Information for an unlimited number of children can be entered.

ChildSafe411 Categories
With ChildSafe411, you can create an unlimited number of categories per child. For example, lets say you want to create the following categories: Shoe
Size, Passport #,Doctor, Vaccinations. Simply tap on the add category button, give each one the name above. Simple! There are 3 labels for the titles
that you can easily customize. For example, the Doctor category. You can edit the label 1 and call it Doctor Name, and then right below it you can type
anything you like. Also, each description like phone numbers and email addresses/websites will be clickable, so if you have a doctors phone number in
the category description, you will be able to tap on it and it will dial the phone number!

Child Safe 411 is more than just an application for the iPhone, it is an insurance policy that can make a real difference in an emergency situation. It has been designed for the convenience of the parent to keep their children’s pertinent information at hand while carefully making sure that sensitive information is secure. For most parents, ChildSafe411 will be a useful tool to store all children’s information from School Teachers names and phone numbers to Passport numbers and vaccinations. In an emergent case, Child Safe 411 can provide important information to Law Enforcement Officials with one click.

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