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Army Survival Book Collection  -  Army, Navy, Air Force, SAS, Special Operations Forces and Ranger Guide

Army Survival Book Collection - Army, Navy, Air Force, SAS, Special Operations Forces and Ranger Guide

       iOS Universal

The new Army Survival Book Collection is now available now with over 40 references!

Are you prepared for survival?

Army Survival is a library of Army and Military field references which focus on survival and personal protection. This app gice you the ability to access over 10,000 pages and illustrations educating you on how to survive if necessary.

Survival references are downloaded and saved in a state of the art interface allowing you to easily scroll through the reference and allowing the user to pick and choose the regerences they would like to download and keep (ALL FREE) in order to save space on your device.

Each reference can be easily searched using the built in page thumbnails or the built in search feature. If you find a page or chapter you like, bookmark it with the push of a button. Change in reference views and even see the regerence chapters with a built in table of contents.



*References Include:*

Army Ranger Handbook
- Army Survival Guide
- First Aid for Soldiers
- The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide
- Jungle Operations
- River Crossing Operations
- Camouflage
- Field Hygiene and Sanitation
- Combat Stress Control
- Manual for the Wheeled Driver
- Map Reading and Land Navigation
- Army Physical Fitness Training
- Marine Close Combat
- Modern Army Combatives
- Coast Guard Rescue and Survival Systems
- Cold Weather Survival
- Field Hygiene

- Army Sniper Manual
- Weapons Camo
- Rifle Marksmanship
- Camo and Decoys
- Individual Operations

- Hand Grenades
- Shoulder Launched Munitions
- Anti Personell Mines
- M-203 Grenade Launcher
- Crew Served Machine Guns
- M-19 Genade Machine Gun
- Grenades and Pyrotechnics
- AK 47 Manual
- Simonov 56 Manual
- Pistols Manual
- AR 15 Manual
- M16 Training Manual

- Combat Leaders Guide
- Army Common Tasks Level 1
- Army Common Tasks Level 2
- How to Track
- Minute Man Manual
- Emergency Food Preparation
- Ranger Unit Operations
- POW Resistance
- Military Mountaineering
- Visual Sign

Over 40 Reference Downloads Included!!!!


Have a REFERENCE you would like to see or have a comment??
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STOREBOUGHTMILK LLC is in no way responsible for the actions of anyone who purchases this app. By purchasing this app you agree to the previous statement. This app serves as a platform for reading the books listed above. By purchasing this app you are purchasing a platform that enhances its users ability to read the books and references listed above via internet download. There is NO purchase to download the books and all books and references included in this app are all available publicly and FREE online. STOREBOUGHTMILK LLC does not own or claim to own the rights of any of these free public documents.

What's new

What's new in version 1.4?
-Fixed some pesky bugs keeping some books from downloading.
-Now works with iOS8 and iPhone 6!


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