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The Secret Diary

The Secret Diary

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Secret Place Only for Woman. The Secret Diary

The Secret Diary is an application that manages woman's menstrual cycle and sensitive body information.

Do manage your health and check your menstrual cycle with Secret Diary which is available for anytime, anywhere.

+ Features

You can check your record anytime anywhere, because it is done on your cell phone.
Efficient design that is able to use friendly. 9 different background images.
You can check your next period, ovulation day, chance of conceiving, etc. on the calendar simply by entering the first date of period.
You can keep track of daily amount of menses, daily condition of facial skin and daily the mood on that day using the calendar feature.
You can manage your health condition to be able to check your weight, body fat percentage and a change of body temperature!
Secret place only for You! You can use it with set-up your password
You can e-mail all of your record, either! A strong function that restores back up!

+ Main Function

My period-info record 1.
Please input your starting and closing data of menses. It is able to be input your past period-info, either. It can be recorded menstrual cycle and duration term of menses into the screen, if your body has a permanent menstrual cycle. It calculates next period due date, ovulation date and childbearing period based on the period-info data. It also checks all those data on calendar.

My period-info record 2.
You can record by only one touch, such as period date, amount of menses, menstrual pain, symptom of body and the mood of that day that being complicated to record simply 'I'm on period'
You should check your physical condition again if you have other symptoms on menstrual pain not as usual. Steady record is the way keeping your body healthy.

Record my sexual life.
It says woman can be pregnant 24/7 everyday. If you manage your body condition everyday and check your childbearing period, you can have time to spare a prepared and healthy sexual life.
Record my body information
You can record your weight, body fat percentage and change of body temperature by date as well as managing to go on a diet.

Show a graph
It shows a graph based on the information you input. It can be more analytically managed by graph of 4 different styles.
It has convertible function for graph weekly or monthly and calculates average automatically!!

You can record menstrual cycle and duration term of menses. You can choose and change an wallpaper. Also, you can send inputting data by an e-mail and set-up your password in App

+ How to use it well??

You can manage and check your monthly period and cycle anytime. It shows the small number displayed under the calendar that how many days has been passing since period starts.

Fertility / Contraception Calendar
It informs ovulation day and childbearing period for people who want to have babies and helps people who want to avoid pregnancy have a safe sexual life.
(Caution!!!!! We recommend using a definite birth control. Because it's still possible to be pregnant even if it doesn't show a child -bearing period)

Losing-Weight Calendar
You can manage and recognize the effect of losing-weight at a glance as it can be a recordable your weight and body fat percentage.

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- Added backup on Dropbox
- Minor bug fixes

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