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Tai Chi Regimen Music

Tai Chi Regimen Music

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Tai Chi Regimen Music for Meditation and Relaxation

Tai Chi Regimen Music Collection is a music application for iPhone users to experience the philosophy of balance in "Tai Chi". Just listen to it or meditate with it, you will find all the pressure in your body and soul melt away. It will help you reach a state of inner peace.

Tai Chi Regimen Music Collection provides soothing music with carefree and harmonious rhythms. By listening you can experience an inner journey through "Tranquilize", "Forget the Calculation" and finally achieve a balance of Yin and Yang.


★Six pieces of Chinese traditional Tai Chi music
★Beautifully designed interface in a traditional Chinese style
★Different meditative states corresponding to each music
★Elaborate descriptions
★Promotes Chinese Tai Chi culture
★Built for relaxation and refreshment

01 - Tranquilize

Accompanied by the smooth sounds of Zheng (Chinese Zither) and Erhu (Chinese Violin), take the firs step entering a realm of everlasting tranquility where winds are gentle and clouds are light.

02 - Like Water

The famous founder of Taoism Laozi once said: the highest good is like water. As smooth flowing as water, we just let nature take its course. To live, to behave and to think like water, then we can achieve the highest merits as part of nature.

03 - The Gate to Life

Every insight is like entering a different new life. Settling your mind to a peaceful meditation, and let the music guide the way.

04 - Eternity

What is eternal, time and space, change and transformation, or life and death? Taoism highly praises the preciousness of life: human beings are just like the universe. We live and we die, leaving the world one everlasting meaning, that is, the true, the good and the beautiful.

05 - Non-Contention

To stand aloof from worldly success, and to be in peace with the rest of the world, thus we can free ourselves from vanity which we are unavoidably born with.

06 - Contentedness

Happy are those who are contented. The highest tranquility lies in an everlasting harmony achieved by appreciating what we have got.

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