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iSmokeBreak Unlimited - Track every cigarette you smoke every day forever to help you quit smoking!

iSmokeBreak Unlimited - Track every cigarette you smoke every day forever to help you quit smoking!

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The iSmokeBreak Unlimited app allows you to track an unlimited amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. It also keeps a history of every day how many cigarettes you smoke. You can compare how many cigarettes you had today ,yesterday, the day before an basically forever! The goal is to see if you can hopefully reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day, getting down to zero cigarettes.

When you are ready to have a cigarette, you load iSmokeBreak Unlimited and click on the big "Take Smoke Break" button. This will increment the cigarette counter for today. Don't worry, if you make a mistake, you can simply click the "Quick Adjust buttons to increment or decrement your cigarette count for the day. You can also view a history of how many cigarettes you have smoked since you first used this app by clicking the HISTORY tab

iSmokeBreak Unlimited automatically sets a new day so all you every have to do is click one button every time you have a cigarette.

Your goal should be to reduce the amount of cigarettes each day and with iSmokeBreak Unlimited you can really see how many cigarettes you smoke from day to day and hopefully find the power to quit smoking.

iSmokeBreak Unlimited is also a digital virtual cigarette to help you stop smoking! Most smokers know it is very difficult to quit smoking today. iSmokeBreak Unlimited helps smokers by looking at a virtual cigarette and actually holding it in your hand! This simple visual que will assist smokers in that they will feel like they have a cigarette with them at all times and will help them reduce the feeling having a real cigarette!

Smoke break Timers:
When you are ready to take a smoke break at work or if you have limited time for a smoke break, we have included 3 quick smoke break timers. You can choose between 5min, 10min, and 15min. Simply tap a timer button to start the countdown timer. to stop the timer, simply tap the one of the timer buttons again. These timers are very handy because you will always know when your break will be over. As an added bonus, one minute before the end of your break, you will hear a warning sound( like a radar scope beep) before your timer sound goes off so you know you have 1 minute left before you break is over!

iSmokeBreak Unlimited - track every cigarette you smoke on a daily basis to help you quick smoking!

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