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Get Shredded Arms

Get Shredded Arms

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Did you ever want to build a pair of massive guns! Here is your chance! Get Shredded Arms features the top 10 exercises for building some impressive biceps! Great if you want to add atleast 1 inch to your arms with these unique workouts that you have never tried before!

I will cover super sets, drop sets and change of grip and will show you how to hit your arms from every angle possible, utilising every rep scheme, covering tempo and showing great form, factors that you need to get those Shredded Arms!

Get Shredded Arms features:

-10 HI quality videos, 5 minutes of footage stored within app!

-Detailed Voice instructions for every exercise covering form, reps etc

-Create, save and view custom workouts.

-Random Workouts

-10 of the best arm workouts(biceps and triceps)

-Great form, rep schemes, drop sets, super sets, it has it all!

-Easy to use, simple! Just play the videos, listen to my voice and utilise these great exercises in your next gym session to get the ultimate biceps, that will be the envy of many

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