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Dream will Come true

Dream will Come true

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Dream come true with the subconscious mind is a set of tapes and science bring new drive for the potential development of the revolutionary potential tool. It is based on the human subconscious way to receive messages, using the most sophisticated voice technology equipment, the desire of many to be the successful realization of the message to read the power of hypnosis and be entered to help enhance the brain α waves (8-14 Hz) special music, the whole brain (left brain) produced by vibration of the (whole brainsync). When your conscious mind by the music and get these special soothe body and mind, your subconscious is the case in effortlessly to receive these messages, and immediately effective with the start of your spiritual potential, balance left and right brain, one heart to the brain, all wishes come true in the realm. While enhancing your positive energy (positive energy), the desire to improve your knowledge, so naturally your wishes to achieve out of life.

Brain scientists found that many special music can enhance a human's brain waves, the secretion of the brain code brown, and left and right brain can combine into a cohesive unit (cohesive unit). Research and noted that this combination of left and right brain into a cohesive unit synchronization, to relieve the left brain function and activation, while stimulating the right brain, and to promote the balanced development of the brain and enhance the learning speed of three to five times. The unique rhythm and melody of music (music therapy) in addition to a soothing role, more important is its ability to successfully impart information to the subconscious in effective.
Presentation of these messages include:

1. Normal tone ─ identifiable sound, through the left brain receives, including:
2.ECHO tone ─ identifiable sound, while into the left and right brain.
3. Computer voice compression audio ─ general consciousness can not hide the sound of knowledge, with the vibration of music into the subconscious

1 effective planning and use of the power of the subconscious to achieve their goals
2 Clear lax thoughts, focus attention, learning and memory multiplier
3 rapid elimination of all kinds of pressure, so that at any time in the best condition physically and mentally
4 stimulate the imagination and creativity, enhance problem-solving
5 out of sleep, quickly open, deep sleep
6 to strengthen the confidence of personal life and work
7 to increase immunity, eternal youth and health
8 to attract the good things you want

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