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Zombie Slots HD

Zombie Slots HD

       iOS iPad

"Zombie Slots HD" is "Zombie Slots" rebuilt from the unhallowed ground up.

You're Bob. You're dead. Sort of...

Before your untimely demise you had the Brains in the family. You warned of an impending Zombie Apocalypse. But did they listen? No. They locked you up and said you were mad. They gave you electroshock to "help you." ...they should probably test that equipment on occasion.

And so here you are. Right as usual. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us and it's open season on Brains. But an undead guy has to have a little fun too, right? Which is why you had the Brains to have your tombstone replaced with a Zombie themed Slot Machine. Because... the Undead like to gamble, too.

Tap the Coin Slot to add quarters.

Play for the top prize - 300 Coins for three Brains.

Or enter the Bonus Round for a real gamble. Find loose change left at the cemetery but watch out for the Zombie Hunter. He's not all about peace, love & the consumption of Brains.

Scroll down for the prize table and animated coin payout. Or scroll back up and keep your eye on the jackpot light.

Brains! And money is nice, too.

What's new

Added Game Center support.

Racked up a lot of credits? Scroll down to post your score and access the leader board.


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