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Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy

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The 2nd Update of Wolf Boy!

Tons of players all over the world are captured by Wolf boy's exciting, fast-paced action!
Great game
by Drakx3
Awesome visuals, character design, and gameplay. The full moon and transformation concept is really cool in the way it's implemented. Great job to the debs, and this one comes highly reccomended.

by fastpirate
I haven’t really done any reviews yet, but this game is AWESOME! Very action packed and it keeps you performing your at the edge with an overwhelming amount of enemies. I haven’t finished it yet, but I do hope it’s a lengthy game since all my stats are already nearly maxed out, after just 45 mins of playing!

Awesome !!!
by #av#$s
Dash attack is pretty cooooool !!!
and It's awesome.

Wolf Boy is an exciting game with simple controls, fast action, and powerful transformations.

The world where humans and monsters coexist…
Monk, a giant monkey, has failed in his many attempts to conquer the world, each time because of the werewolf, Toto. In order to eliminate Toto, Monk kidnaps Rucy, Toto’s human girlfriend, and takes her to his castle beyond the Forest of Demons.
To save his girlfriend, Toto sets out on an adventure in the Forest of Demons, where he meets all kinds of monsters.

[Game Characteristics]

1. Transformation
: When Toto kills a monster, he absorbs a spirit that transforms him into a mighty werewolf during a full moon. This transformation lasts for a limited amount of time, during which Toto can kill monsters easily. As a werewolf, Toto’s health is not affected by attacks, and no monster can stand in his way. Enjoy the experience of this powerful transformation!

2. Item Cube
: Items with different functions are found in the Item Cubes in each stage. These items allow Toto to attack monsters with a weapon, attack from a distance, or become invisible. There are a lot more items, too, all of which can be viewed in the game.

3. Upgrade
: Toto’s werewolf skills can be upgraded so that he can continue to fight monsters, which become more powerful over time. When Toto’s speed is upgraded, he can run at incredible speeds for a dash attack. When his transformation time is upgraded, the duration of playing as a werewolf becomes longer. Toto’s many other skills can also be upgraded. What skills you choose to focus on are entirely up to you. Have fun!

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What's New

Players who love Wolf Boy!
As a reward for your great support, we've updated the game contents as outlined below.

1. 2 new types of Monsters
Newly added Owl Monsters drop bombs from the air, and Mole Monsters burst on the scene and attack at high speeds.
The new Monsters enter the game after the 16th stage.

2. Game Mode
Do you find Wolf Boy too hard or too easy?
The Easy/Normal/Hard game modes allow you to select the game's difficulty based on your preferences.

3. Achievements
Have you played Wolf Boy too much and no longer find content to enjoy?
Newly added Achievements can be your new goals.
Cutting-edge fun awaits!

Thanks to all players for supporting Wolf Boy's improvement!


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