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Video Charades

Video Charades

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This app is a way for friends and family to design a game and let other people play it. The game is designed on an iPhone with a front and back camera, using iOS 5. The game can be played on the same iPhone, or with Internet access you can choose whom to allow to access your designs. The game is Charades. You get to record videos showing your friends just as you would if you were in the same room.

Please read the instructions at our support url and this Apple App Store page before buying the app.

1. Privacy: This app does not access any of your personal data, including contacts, email, location, Dropbox credentials if you are using Dropbox, etc.

2. Internet: You can design and play this game directly on a single iPhone without any Internet access. You do not need a Dropbox account in this case.

3. Privacy: if you are using the Internet, then you have complete control over who gets to see your game designs. This control is provided by using your own Dropbox account. Note: we have no relationship with Dropbox.

4. Internet: If you would like to share your designs, then you can do so using Dropbox. You will need a Dropbox account. Dropbox is free up to a certain size. The app only has access to a subfolder of your Dropbox folder called Apps/Video Charades. Since you will be recording videos, please make sure to be careful about video sizes and clean your subfolder on Dropbox out. Our support url (on this Apple App Store page and on the first page of the app) will give you more information.

5. Dropbox: The app uses a subfolder of your Dropbox account called Apps/Video Charades. The app doesn't have access to anything outside that subfolder. Our support url (on this Apple App Store page and on the first page of the app) will give you more information on how to use Dropbox to share designs with your family and friends. Note that we have no relationship with Dropbox.

6. In-app purchases: You do not have to buy answers to play this game. The game designer gets to indicate that answers cannot be bought for any screen of the game. If the game designer permits it, then the player can use previously-bought answers from an answer bank. The answer bank is replenished by 1000 answers for US $1. If you are playing traditional Charades, then you will probably never have to buy answers.

7. Video: You will be recording videos. That imposes memory constraints on your iPhone, and if you use Dropbox you will be paying for large uploads and downloads, and may exceed your Dropbox quota. You can delete old designs on your iPhone directly from the app. It is a good idea to clean out your Dropbox subfolder Apps/Video Charades from time to time if you are using Dropbox.

8. Video: So how do you record videos of yourself? Apple put some neat stuff into iOS5. Please see our support web page (on this Apple App Store page, and on the first page of the app) for an answer.

9. The support address is on this Apple App Store page, and on the first page of the app itself. For any problems, we prefer that you contact our customer support address first. Most problems can be resolved immediately.

10. Detailed instructions are on the web site indicated on this Apple App Store page, and on the first page of the app itself.

11. If you have problems, please submit your logs and crash logs.


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