Tigers vs Kids Free

Tigers vs Kids Free

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This is an educational board game for all ages.

A childhood game, childhood memories!

If you have played this game, please let your friends or children experience it .
If you never played, don't worry, it's just take you a few minutes to learn.
It's very easy to learn, let's play with your friends or children.

Tiger eat kid is the most popular folk game in China.
If you have two people, no matter where you are, you can play the game agreeably with some stones.
It's good for your health and your mind.


Two players decide who is tigers by play a finger-guessing Game, and the loser is kid.

The kid put his tokens within 5 point in the line which is the nearest one form the player.
Each point should contain 3 tokens ,and these 5 points called "Kid's Home".

Game Begin:
1.A token only can be moved once per time.
2.Tokens can be stacked in the "Kid's Home" ,and each stack can not have over 3 tokens.
Tokens can be moved between different "Kid's Home" by stack or not.
3.Kid can not stack his tokens when the tokens are not in "Kid's Home",and Tiger's token can not stack in anywhere.

Eat Kids:
Tiger always can eat kids ,and kids always be eaten.
In tiger's turn, if any tiger's token beside a kid's token in the same line ,and there is
no token at the point which just behind the kid's one,the tiger could move his token over
eat the kid's token and eat it.

End the Game:
1: Tiger wins:
I: If kids are eaten up ,or kids are too few to play the game and surrender.
II: If all the tigers in the "Kid's Home.
2 Kid wins:
If tigers are arounded by kids ,and can not move or eat any kid, kid wins.

This game has single mode and double mode. You can solo or paly with your friends.
It is easy to learn, suitable for family entertainment.

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