Third Epoch:Rising

Third Epoch:Rising

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"...depth and style..." - Pocket Gamer
"...a fun, deep, and intelligent experience..." - IndieGame Enthusiast
" intriguing iPhone game..." - GrabIt Magazine
"...awesomely minimalist..." - TouchArcade
"" - Pocket Tactics

The universe is bigger than we think.

On the remote fringes of the universe, an alien object drifts in quietly from the Black Chasm. The "Bees" break from their centuries-old patterns, but no one pays attention. Instead, The League quarrels over the rights of Artificials, opposed to the potential of a race of benevolent Superminds. The majority however go about their usual business of buying and selling. And while you're busy finding your fortune, events with cosmic proportions unravel around you.

Third Epoch is an epic space-trader of adventure and discovery. You play the role of an enterprising "free-rigger", braving the hazards of space flight transporting goods between supply and demand, and earning a buck in the process. Interesting characters will ask for your help along the way, which inevitably leads to troubles you'll need science to solve.

Travel the stars, trade and earn, build fleets of ships, and take on missions to chart new phenomena and save planets.

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What's New

Version 1.1.3 fixes the videos in all space stations.

Version 1.1.2 contains updates to the tutorial mission.

Version 1.1 is the major Spring update you’ve all been waiting for. It includes our first premium expansion star cluster, Moirai-8. The new expansion adds 10+ hrs of storyline missions in a brand new star cluster with 8 star systems and 8 new space stations, loads of new eccentric characters, 2 new ship classes, and level-2 tools and crew.

- 10+ hrs of new storyline missions.

- Cosmograph that lets you jump to Stargates in new star clusters. Zoom out all the way in Astrogation and then pinch again to zoom out to the Cosmograph view.

- Moirai-8 star cluster, which includes 8 new star systems and 8 new space stations.

- Explorer and Miner ship classes, available from Shipyards in Moirai-8.

- Level-2 tools and crew, available from Outfitters in Moirai-8.

- Lots of under-the-hood optimizations and refinements.

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