The Scrungeon Depths

The Scrungeon Depths

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The surface world has been rendered useless. As evil energy weighs heavy on the atmosphere, a chasm opens and births what can only be described as a malignant structure of pure hate. With no where to go but down, our fearless hero thrusts himself into a seemingly endless dungeon that knows nothing but pain and misery. Beings spoken about in whispers since the dawn of time known as the Hollow Ones dwell within, controlling the uncontrollable chaos. Welcome to… The Scrungeon Depths.

What the web is saying about The Scrungeon Depths:

"The Scrungeon Depths is an incredibly clever game that manages to both exemplify and satirise the dungeon crawling genre..."
- TouchArcade

"This roguelike madhouse does exactly what it says in the tin: you'll fight a lot, you'll die a lot, and you'll experience some pretty big, bad bosses in the darkest depths of the world."
- Pocket Gamer

"Everything runs buttery smooth and the controls work perfectly. The visuals are a beautiful mix of chunky pixel art."

The Scrungeon Depths is an over the top, ludicrously randomly generated rogue like madhouse. Wade through the body parts of defeated foes to crawl ever deeper and seek answers to the mysteries held within. Only the strong (and slightly insane) will survive.

INSANE- First lets start off by saying how bananas The Scrungeon Depths truly is. The amount of random number generation that actually runs this entire universe is out of control. Only the strong willed will survive.

NEVER ENDING- Some prefer a neatly wrapped package. Others live on the wild side and tear a present open hoping for more than socks. Scrungeon is more than socks. Though, socks do ward off damaging floor traps...

INTENSE- Intensity can sometimes be a bad thing, but when baddies are afoot, nothing could be further from the truth! Fight fast and furiously. Don't break your screen, though.

MFI CONTROLLER COMPATIBLE- Because why not? You've got a Nimbus lying around somewhere, don't you? Use it.

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Chaos and malice brewed deep within the Scrungeon. Time and space collapsed as the populace averted their gaze. For too long now, the fickle plane that the malignant structure took purchase upon sat dormant, as the colors that light produced would fade away to nothingness.

Beyond its fading existence from the mortal coil, so too did portals erupt from the floor... and at times the void and its unwavering attempt to thwart the Scrungeoneers would prevail. These steps into the depths of madness would be unreachable by the laws of our physical realm. Shrill laughter, tauntingly echoed throughout the Scrungeon, as the Hollow Ones could rest another century.

But fear not, my faithful Scrungeon explorers! As the omnipotent being that I am, I, like many, make mistakes. Thankfully, though, we may all dust off the remnants of our failures and take up the saddle to try yet again. Fort Unity has become my realm of solitude as of late, not resting until the void could be pushed back even more, crushing the evil plans of the forgotten lords once and for all.

To combat the seemingly illogical entrance and exit of the Scrungeon from our dimension, I’ve opened safe passage to what I believe is a haven amongst the spelunking. I call it... “The Inbetween.” This small plane exists only for a moment in time when all seems lost, caressing your wounds and grasping what material possessions you may have gathered on your quest. Abuse of this privilege may have dire consequences, so proceed with caution. The very fact that this has been opened to such as yourselves is almost beyond my powers. Take caution, but do not fear. To avert thy eyes is no longer punishable by an unavoidable death.

As you were, Scrungeoneers.

- C

- Player progress is saved when game is closed.
- MFI Controller updates for various UI tweaks.
- Various minor bug fixes. Vague, yes, but accurate.
- A new song added for “The Inbetween”, so sit back and relax.
- I love you.

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