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solitaire guy - 3Game pack -

solitaire guy - 3Game pack -

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Three kinds of Solitaire are the inexpensive game packs which became one!!
With the privilege which it is and a cool guy Wallpaper can acquire if it clears several times!!
Please enjoy the classic card game which can be freely enjoyed to a little break.

□■Function addition■□
It is attached to one kind and there is a Wallpaper.
Whenever it clears a game, one pieces acquisition can be carried out.
If it gathers altogether, it can get a Wallpaper!!

☆How to save standby is as follows.
1.Get all Puzzle pieces.
2.Press to be displayed in the gallery, the Save button.
3.Save completion message appears, launch the photo app iphone, please set.

Three kinds of Solitaire are recorded.
Each game is as follows.

□■Spider solitaire■□
- Game clear conditions are Queen to Ace being one set and arranging it four sets.
- It is a game which arranges the card of the same color by consecutive numbers from Queen to Ace.
- It will become a game clearance, if Queen to Ace shall be one set and is completed two sets two color.
- Regardless of a color, a card can be built so that a number may become small.
- Queen [ blue ] can be placed for Queen of red on Ace [ blue ] on Ace of red.
- The card in which the number is connected in the same color can be moved collectively.
- which all the cards can move when one sheet does not have a card, either
- A push on the button which distributes a card will add a card at eight sets [ one ].
- The card added is to 16 sheets.

- Game clear conditions arrange the same mark from King to Ace, and lose all the cards of a place.
- Regardless of a mark, the card of a place card can pile up a color so that it may become small about a number by turns.
- One sheet can also be moved to a sequence without a card by only King.

- Game clear conditions are all the card of 52 sheets is moved to a home cell.
- Game exaggerated conditions are the cases where cannot move a card or only traffic with other sequences is made.
- The head card of each sequence is movable.
- The colors of the card of other sequences differ, and a card can be moved when one number is small.
- Card can be freely put on a free cell to four sheets.
- The card in a free cell can be returned to a sequence, or can be moved to a home cell.
- The home cell can repeat the same mark in an order from one.
- The card put on the home cell cannot be returned.

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