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Shuzzle Lite

Shuzzle Lite

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Shuzzle is an engaging and deceptively simple puzzle game that’s fun, interactive, and addictive. Shuzzle Lite gives you 10 minutes of full game time before the fun is over!

☆What Others Are Saying☆

"Shuzzle is an iOS puzzle game that makes you put shapes into the right slots. I'm glad I didn't have to learn shapes this way when I was a kid, or I'd have developed some serious psychoses." - Jason Chen,

TIP: When in tilt mode use slow, gentle, sweeping motions to tilt the device and hold the device parallel to the ground.

➔ Overview
Shuzzle is an engaging and deceptively simple puzzle game that’s fun, interactive, and addictive. The purpose of the game is to challenge players to match shapes to colors while under the stress of a timer. The timer speeds up the longer you play making it more difficult every second. The objective in Shuzzle, is to match the center shape with one of the six surrounding shapes. One point is rewarded for just a shape match, however, if both the shape and color match then the user is rewarded with ten points.

⚄ Two Gameplay Modes
Two modes of gameplay are included in Shuzzle. One mode allows for users to simply tap one of the six surrounding shapes with their finger, this mode is called touch. The second is tilt mode; while playing simply tilt your device in the direction of the circle you’d like the center piece to move to.

⚡ Blitz Mode
You have one minute to earn the highest possible score you can. You better hurry though because one minute goes by super fast when your playing Shuzzle. If you are lucky you might be able to earn the “extra time” power-up. A shape match is worth 10 points, a color+shape match is worth 20 points.

✪ Golden Shape
Golden shape automatically earns you 100 points. All you have to do is match the golden shape center piece to its corresponding outer piece. You better hope luck is on your side—it isn’t easy to achieve.

☢ Power-Ups
We want to give you the most interactive experience when playing Shuzzle, that’s why we included power-ups. Power-ups are rewarded when you score three consecutive matches (color+shapes). Power-ups are awarded randomly, meaning you could get any one power-up whether it be double the points, timer decrease, or radiation, after you earn one. Power-ups do not expire until you use them. Power-ups include:

-Doubler: Earn 2 Points for shape matches and 20 Points for color matches.
-Slowdown/Freeze: Slowdown the timer or freeze the clock in Blitz mode.
-Radiation: Replace all of the surrounding circles with new circles.
-Extra Life/Time: Gain an extra life or 10 extra seconds in Blitz mode.
-Uniformity: Replace all active game pieces with blue pieces to make all possible color matches.

✓ Options
-Volume/Music/Effects : Turn music and effects on/off and control their -volume.
-Vibration: Turn vibration on/off
-Colorblindness: Alter the colors of the game pieces for colorblind players.
-Advanced Piece: When enabled, touch the center piece to forfeit it for a new one and loose a life.
-Play Your Own Tunes: Access your own tunes and assemble a playlist to listen to during gameplay.

✏ Features
-Game Center: Climb the leader-board and post your achievements for everyone to see.
-Four Challenging Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme.
-Achievement Notification: Notifies you of your achievements during gameplay.

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Known Issues-
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Further problems should be reported to or @appuous on Twitter.

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