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Word on the streets:

"...after a few levels I was hooked. In fact Im giving this game an Editors Choice award for making me forget about Peggle."

"It’s incredibly satisfying, so much fun, and has consistently left me wanting more after every session."
- The Apple Blog

"Rockchinko is a terrifically addictive game, uniquely innovative in leveraging the benefits of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform."
- Albie

"Hands down the best peggle-like game in the app store, believe me I've tried them all.
- Travanti1

"This is the game thousands of App store junkies have been combing the store for and not we finally fount it."
- CerealMonogamist


Rockchinko™ is an explosive action puzzler game featuring 8 worlds and over 40 levels. Your mission: Destroy all the red orbs! Use everything in your arsenal - impeccable timing, precision aiming, and even defying the laws of physics. You'll get some help along the way from your trusty power-ups that include Slo-Mo, Devastator, Mega-Ball, Triple-Ball and - always the crowd pleaser - The Flame Thrower!

Each level introduces new puzzling elements that can be both friend and enemy - that's right, FRENEMIES:

The Shifty Switches
Hit the green switch to make them work. They open hatches, move Blockers, and give you access to tough-to-reach places.

The Blockers
These blocker platforms can be still, sliding, spinning or even twirling. Be careful - ricocheting shots off them could be helpful but they can just as easily get in your way.

The Wild Warps
Warp holes will instantly teleport you from one warp hole to another. They can transmit you to an impossible shot or they can completely wreck your strategy and send you off to a galaxy far far away.

The Windmills of Doom
These are the worst frenemies of them all. In a matter of seconds, they can go from being your best bud to being your worst nightmare. Learn how to use them to your advantage before these windmills blow you back to Loserville.

Mastering all tricks of the trade will be needed to become a true Rockchinko Master where you can unlock Randomizer and Rockstar Mode. Randomizer tests how quickly you can adapt by randomly playing all of the levels. Rockstar Mode unlocks 14 new levels and intensifies the gameplay.

Rockchinko is a thrilling gaming experience that combines strategy, skill, timing and luck all into one. With more than 40 challenging levels, Rockchinko is the ultimate pick-up-and-play style game.... oh, and it has a flame thrower!! Awesomeness.

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- New Normal Mode final level
- Performance updates

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