Raptor - RPG MMO

Raptor - RPG MMO

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PLAY AS A RAPTOR to explore, hunt and survive in large beautiful environments!
Battle against a Mecha T-Rex on the moon in low gravity!
Unlock the Secret Hub to play as a SPINOSAURUS and T-REX!
Rescue an EGG, HATCH and raise it into your own BABY Raptor!
DECORATE your Hub (home), unlock PETS and CUSTOMISE your Raptors skin COLOURS and HATS!
MULTIPLAYER! (after unlocking Grassy planes map)
Hunt and explore with real players as Raptors around the WORLD in one HUGE FREE ROAM map!
Turn on RAGDOLL MODE to flop, trip and backflip upon colliding!
9 Pets, 9 Decorations, 12 Skins, 12 Heads, 12 species of DINOSAURS!
And lots more hidden extras on multiplayer!

To unlock multiplayer you have to finish the Desert and Forest map on single player, this is to makes sure players know basic controls before going online. Multiplayer appears near the DNA Shop. Good luck! ^_^

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

- CHAT crash fixed !

Egg armour not removing fixed
Full egg armour protects from cactus damage
Pose button wait time halved
Prone or Lay to not be thrown by tornado
Weather happens less or not at all
Feather, mesh and name hidden by default (hides 'loading' players)
More food in shanty town and compound.
Remove random object in desert (buoy animation bug)
Health adjustments, and a crash fix for slow devices.
AdSte updated, can not click if kids version
Added backup server for version check
Bugged players cause no damage, dev command added to fix them
Hidden android beta text in online options (oops)
Feathers force show if changing dye colour
Muted players commands are hidden in chat
Text size adjust and Bear Pier appear area larger.
Bad eggs, if using easter event to cheat
Some party events not showing to joining players fix
Stricter ban if cheating, fake saves to trick cheaters
Censor updated
Footstep sound bug fix
Update name if changed mid game
New parental guidance lock (kids version)
Highscores now show total DNA + (PPx4)
Admin adjustments
Changed /say into /rp to role play in chat
New multiplayers get hunger and health refilled
Network optimisations
Auto mutes suspicious players
Updated lildev and necro

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- CHAT crash fixed !

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