Raptor - RPG MMO

Raptor - RPG MMO

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PLAY AS A RAPTOR to explore, hunt and survive in large beautiful environments!
Battle against a Mecha T-Rex on the moon in low gravity!
Unlock the Secret Hub to play as a SPINOSAURUS and T-REX!
Rescue an EGG, HATCH and raise it into your own BABY Raptor!
DECORATE your Hub (home), unlock PETS and CUSTOMISE your Raptors skin COLOURS and HATS!
MULTIPLAYER! (after unlocking Grassy planes map)
Hunt and explore with real players as Raptors around the WORLD in one HUGE FREE ROAM map!
Turn on RAGDOLL MODE to flop, trip and backflip upon colliding!
9 Pets, 9 Decorations, 12 Skins, 12 Heads, 12 species of DINOSAURS!
And lots more hidden extras on multiplayer!

To unlock multiplayer you have to finish the Desert and Forest map on single player, this is to makes sure players know basic controls before going online. Multiplayer appears near the DNA Shop. Good luck! ^_^

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

- Update 2.31 -
fixed the non kids version accidentally being the kids version.

- Update 2.3 -
Feather dye colour feature added (in hub)
3 new head masks, Panther, Bear and Wolf
3 new skins, Panther, Cyber and Raptor Bot
Graphics adjustments
Feathers do not auto turn off on low graphics
Increased compatibility with controllers and gamepads
Input censors updated
Various fixes and adjustments throughout
- Single player -
Fan art link added to options menu
Enemy Raptors have random customisation
- Multiplayer -
4 new chat colours
3 new maps, Compound, Bear Pier Docks, Stone Henge
Pose gesture button added
NPC Python, Splash and Friendly Girl added
Cafe and Egg’cessories quests added
New enemy boss, Gastornis
Blizzard and Tornado weather events
Map raptor marker rotates
NPC markers added to map
Better odds at winning NPC Godzilla rewards
Bigger water splashes
Map objects and spawn points moved
Offline mode added (if no internet)
Scroll added to LilDevs news list
No ads show for host
Fixed possible death crashes
Lightning damage lowered, weather happens less often too
Server and connecting adjustments
Giant meat easter egg
Nest added to Castle and Shanty town
NPC Godzilla wears random specials, gives higher DNA or PP
Chat limit increased

- Parents -
The games chat is censored and partially monitored, but this does not stop some children from trying to say bad language. Lots of players have already been banned, and it is likely more will continue to be. Please be aware of this. Thank you.

What's New

- Update 2.31 -
fixed the non kids version accidentally being the kids version.

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