Raptor RPG - Online

Raptor RPG - Online

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PLAY AS A RAPTOR to explore, eat, hunt and survive!
- NEW FISHING - Chase and catch, eat now or eat later!
Battle against a Mecha T-Rex on the moon in low gravity!
Unlock the Secret Hub to play as a SPINOSAURUS and T-REX!
Rescue an EGG, HATCH and raise it into your own BABY Raptor!
DECORATE your Hub (home), unlock PETS and CUSTOMISE and DRESS UP your character!
Press RAGDOLL physics button to flop, trip and backflip!
14 feather styles each with 14 colors!
10 Pets, 9 Decorations, 20 Skins, 12 Heads, 12 species of DINOSAURS!

FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! (after unlocking Grassy planes map)
Chat, attack and roleplay with real players around the WORLD in one HUGE FREE ROAM map!
And lots more hidden extras on multiplayer! (like balloons and wings!)

To unlock multiplayer you have to finish the Desert and Forest maps on single player.
This is to makes sure players know basic controls before going online.
Multiplayer appears near the DNA Shop when unlocked. Good luck! ^_^

- Kids version available - (check app store for Raptor RPG Kids)

Cheaters or players using bad language will be banned from all my games, you have been warned.

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

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What's New

Pose button added to single player (baby mimics you)
Triceratops infusion portal added
New bubble fishing spots mini game
NPC Firefly has info on bubble fishing
Camera button now has 3 choices, normal, close and first person
Fairy skin now matches each player on multiplayer
Added mysterious egg that you can carry in all maps
Fishing stats chat command shortcut added
Regeneration removed from allosaurus (for network performance)
Brightness and lighting adjusted in various maps
Made 3d portal text even more detailed
Other players only notified of big and giant fish, and new records
(to stop adventure text getting over crowed)
Rare crash fixed relating to options script, infusion maps, kids version
Ragdoll button hidden infusion
Not getting packs list again after joining one fixed

1 Clownfish in rewards area
Fishing pond refilling distance shorter
DNA now saves after straight away after defeating enemies
Egg manager wait improvements
Two fish showing in mouth fix
Removed unneeded npc objects, raptor ragdolls, sound, prefabs etc
Single player and multiplayer camera positions now same
No advert for dev whilst play testing
Camera changed to solid colour (multiplayer)
Show all fishing stats command for dev added
Fixed save and ban save stuff
Adjusted portal positions secret hub
NPC and Quest text adjusted
Spino attack closer so it registers your hits better (multiplayer)
Kids version control separate to non kids

Tidied up and improved various stuff..
.. and other little things..

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