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Great Game
Very engaging. It makes me sit up in my seat, and my heart will be beating really fast, it's COOL!-)

Cant put it down. Pacman meets the Matrix.

Nice Action Maze Game
Graphics and sound are great.....Definitely a unique experience

************** NetRunner: plug in now **************

No one saw it coming. The virus struck unexpectedly in a matter of seconds infecting Gaia, a newly created A.I. Finally, combining with her, it became self-conscious. It took it about 5 minutes to infect the whole city and it was just the beginning. There's no time to waste, only You can stop it from spreading and taking control of every single computer in the world. Get on to it!

NetRunner is a retro style action maze game. As one of the best hackers in the world you plug into a high-end computer, and try to get through to Gaia's mainframe, by steering an avatar and collecting the Overdrive Crystals through 50 different levels.

In every level main aim is to collect all the Overdrive Crystals before the time runs out. By picking them up you make progress in hacking the system.

Special abilities:
- Phasing right through wall. It gives you a big advantage, but be careful some of your opponent can disrupt your ability to phase. If they do so, while you are going through a wall your avatar will be disintegrated.
- Scanning to avoid being caught in a wall. This ability reveals all invisible walls, but it depletes your Energy.
- Shaking off the enemies. Some enemies hunts you. When they get to you they can slow you down, or disrupt your phasing ability. One way to get rid of them is to shake your iPhone and throw them off. Its depletes your Energy too.

- D-pad
- Finger trace – you touch the screen wherever you want and the avatar will go in the direction you're pointing.
- Swipe - you make a swipe motion on your device's screen and the avatar heads according to its direction (will be available soon).

- Retro-style, arcade gameplay that really engages yo
- Real challenge with a long hours of play
- Non-linear game progress - you choose which stage you want to play
- 50 different levels to hack
- 8 different types of enemies working to stop you
- 7 different powers to collect and use in the quest
- String combo system that allows you to boost your higscore up to the sky
- Various trophies, for the best of the best!
- Fast paced action
- Animated comic intro, introducing you to the story

- You can walk through walls, but your opponents don't. Use it to get away from them
- Scan your immediate area and don't let yourself caught in a wall!
- Get rid of your opponents by shaking your iPhone
- Always look for a pattern in a level. Finding it will help you a great deal
- Sometimes it's better to get caught and shake off opponent immediately instead running endlessly
- Use power ups wisely
- The longer the string – the more points you get
- If you can't beat a level just take route around it – you can always get back to it later

What's new

- Improved D-pad controller
- New icon


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2.50 (941)
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NetRunner 2.50 out of 5 based on 929 ratings.