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Monkey Sheep Poop Fight

Monkey Sheep Poop Fight

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Monkey Sheep Poop Fight
The Epic Battle Continues...

What compels these creatures to fight? In ancient times, it is said that Bobo the Monkey King took Babe, the most stunning creature to ever exist, as his wife. When Babe went missing from the forest, Bobo suspected Shear the Lord of the Sheep of kidnapping her. Although Shear denied the allegations, a feud erupted when an army of monkeys invaded the Shear's farm land. Thousands of lives were lost, and Babe was never found. No one knew for sure what ever happened to her, but the mutual hatred of the creatures has evolved over the centuries, and they continue to fight to this day.

The Monkey is not a master of any given craft, but is a jack of all trades. Some may say this is a disadvantage in animal warfare, but the Monkey has been known to devastate the Sheep at a distance with high-powered, ranged attacks. The Monkey may launch its arsenal with slower speed,but it carries quite a punch. The Monkey is more nimble and smaller in size than the Sheep, making its defensive tactics superior to those of the Sheep.

The Sheep is a slower creature, yet calculating in its every move. Although movement is slow, its attack is swift and precise. Given enough forethought, the Sheep has been known to launch at an almost fully automatic speed, inflicting massive damage on the ever-evasive Monkey.

The choice is yours as the battle continues...

Choose the monkey or sheep as your target and score points for direct hits. Aim using the tilt function of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You get more points for hitting the target when it’s near the top of the screen, as it takes your shot longer to reach the target (harder to hit). You get less points when the target is near the bottom of the screen (easier to hit). The target moves faster after every shot, and the faster it moves, the more points you can get.

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