Mancala: Bantumi

Mancala: Bantumi

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The Bantumi is one of the modern versions taken from a game called Mancala.

This version of the game consists of a table, usually with a series of holes called wells or houses, arranged in two rows of equal length. The number of houses in each row are 6, also at the end of the table there are two holes, called barn or bowls.
Finally there are the pieces that are usually seeds, but you can use beans, stones, shells or other objects of the same size. I prefer to call them beans:)

Inside of the app:
- Single game
- Two players
- Many options to change the degree of difficulty
- Game Center to challenge your friends
- Tutorial

Initially, the beans are ready to par and you can choose to start with 3, 4, 5 or 6 beans per home, increasing the number increases the level of difficulty of the game.
Each player has the closest row.
The game consists of two phases: sowing and capture.

- Sowing
The players move alternately. It is to take all the beans are in a certain house and place them in adjacent houses, one for home, when you do not stay up longer in the hands. If the seed does not end in the row where it began, it continues in another row, describing a circular motion counterclockwise. A seed goes to the right in the row nearest the player, and arrived at the end of the row, the row continues attacking from right to left, filling its main bowl (or barn).
The seed can be simple, ending with the last piece placed in a house already occupied by any other beans, or relay, which is exactly on finishing his bowl (or barn), this involves another round to earn extra.

- Capture
The capture of beans, it happens if we happen after the sowing of beans a house with 0, in this case leads to arrest opponents of the bowl of beans opposite (front).

The aim of the game:
The goal is to finish the game with more beans in the bowl the main (or barn).
The game will end only when one player has reached the status of famine, it is achieved when there are no more houses in the beans, the beans and remaining opponents are automatically counted and moved into its main bowl.

Created specifically for the retinal display, there could be distortion devices without.

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