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Kill the Rabbit Free HD

Kill the Rabbit Free HD

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“Kill the Rabbit,” that is all you have ever wanted to do since you were a tiny kid. All the kids in your village and neighboring kingdom also want to kill this pesky rabbit. The legend and story of this rabbit is that nobody has been able to get it to relocate or kill it. If you’re smart, it sounds easy, right?

But this rabbit is tough and means business. He has nerves of ice and won’t run -- he’s too cool for that. Instead, he mocks you and then will jump in his hole which leads to an underground maze. No matter if you chase, he simply is the best at escaping.

The lord of the city has put you in charge of getting rid of the rabbit as quickly as you can. He’s building a new hotel and water park tower in this area and the rabbit is impeding construction, or something like that. He has asked you to draw up a top notch plan to cut this rabbit down.

It’s a race against time. Dealing with the lord of the city is like dealing with the big mob bosses or corrupt leaders of dangerous kingdoms or nations -- when he says get something done, you do it!

You’ve done your homework, come up with a strategy, and are ready to kick this rabbits butt. Your ace in your pocket is that you can use various weapons like dynamite, glass vases, and other explosive bombs.

But even with that, the battle is not easy. You can shoot, bomb, and burn the rabbit, but he keeps racing back for more. Fighting zombies, a large dragon, or any other monster is easier than this rabbit. Where did it come from? Even drowning it with water does not work.

To do well, avoid the pitfall of flicking too quickly. Take your time, look at the wind direction and speed, and adjust your shot. Do it right and the rabbit has no defense. It is not jumping around, so he’s not a moving target. Easy, if you take your time.

Ready to give this game a try? Killing a pesky rabbit has never been this much fun. And this free adventure game isn't just for kids -- this game has action that is suitable for all boys and girls of all ages, including adults or the whole family.

Addictive game play, beautiful graphics, and symphony quality music will keep you running back for more of this amazing game. You’ll have rabbit smashing mania before it’s over.


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Aug 30, 2012
Psycho Bear Studios
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4.50 (51)
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Kill the Rabbit Free HD 4.50 out of 5 based on 51 ratings.