Kids Puzzle: Play

Kids Puzzle: Play

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“Uncle Bear” serial kids’ games focus on kids’ education, providing you a professional idea of learning in the game.

“Kids Puzzle: Play” of “Uncle Bear” is an educational puzzle game with animated pictures which is specially designed for kids. This game intends to accumulate kids’ vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and increase their ability of recognizing objects. Kids can learn English and Chinese with Kids Puzzle during the process of the game.


*4 scenes (Park, Skiing, Mountain-Climbing, Beach), near 50 activities. Feel free to switch between them!
*2 difficulties (4 pieces, 8 pieces), suitable for different aged kids.
*Pop-Ups, click the completed puzzles, see what surprises happened.
* Easy game play; kids can learn the animal knowledge simply by clicking and dragging the pieces.
* Cute female dubbing, more languages will be available in future versions.

About the game:

“Kids Puzzles: Play” is a graphical puzzle game specially designed for any 1-year old kids. During the game, the kids will improve their pronunciation, train their working abilities, increase their ability of recognizing objects and learn the second language. Uncle Bear is more like a bilingual kindergarten for kids.

The Uncle Bear is now inviting you to learn the interesting activities! You are welcomed to find your favorite activity. Is it flying the kite, skiing in winter, viewing the beautiful scene when climbing the mountain, or enjoy the sunshine on the beach?


1.Select game language in the main interface (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English)
2.Select Easy Mode of Hard Mode to enter the game; and then choose an object to start; once the kid has completed the puzzle, there will be a word of the name shows up by the picture, also with a sound pronounces the word. The kids will also hear the pronunciation by clicking the picture.
3.Return the scene, click the completed puzzle, a big picture of the animal will pop-up, and click it to pronounce the name.
Click “Continue” to continue the undone puzzles.

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What's New

First, we want to thank all parents who have been supporting this game for so long and who have offered valuable suggestions for us.
1.Adjusted the distorted interface to improve the user experience aesthetically;
2.Designed the new function of quiz to keep on track babies’ performance of memorizing new words;
3.Provided the new reporting function on the homepage for users to provide suggestions;
4.Added the new functions of posting on Facebook and Twitter;
5.Created the new platform for all products in the puzzle series, which allows users to switch among different themes by simply clicking on one icon.

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