iTombolissima (italian bingo named Tombola)

iTombolissima (italian bingo named Tombola)

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Attention: iTombolissima is not an online bingo where you win prizes by playing with the extraction of the numbers from a server.
iTombolissima is a game to practice at home with family and friends where you extract the numbers on the board and the various participants play using one or more bingo cards. The awards are derived from the division of the money collected selling the cards to the participants.
This game, which in Italy is called Tombola is practiced by the majority of Italians during the Christmas period.
With iTombolissima you have a board that extracts the numbers or up to 6 tombola (bingo) cards to play.


The classic italian Christmas bingo with an automated board and cards to play with your friends and your parents.
You can choose to use your iPhone as a board that extracts numbers automatically or use it as a set of cards to play Tombola (Italian Bingo).

If you choose to use iTombolissima as a set of cards for the bingo you can choose to use 2, 4 or 6 cards.
Every time you have 2 numbers, 3 numbers or another result a nice Christmas sound will notify you of your win.

Using iTombolissima as a board you can choose to have automatic or manual extractions (one number for every click). For each number drawn will be a voice that will tell you the number drawn. You can choose whether to use the voice in Italian, English, Spanish or Neapolitan and in this case more than the number you will also be told their meaning according to the Neapolitan smorfia (cabala).

Now there is also a nice section to manage the prizes where you can enter the value of each prize (2 numbers, 3 numbers, quadruplet, etc..) and you can use a feature of the application that will mix the prizes between them and hide them from view....
When a player wins a prize you can find out the amount that the luck has given it by clicking the button to reveal the hidden prize!

There are many settings that you can set to make your bingo really nice, funny and very efficient.

In addition, you can also download the tombola (bingo) cards from our website and print them, this way also people without an iPhone will be able to play with you.
After downloading the cards you'll just have to print them and they'll be ready to play italian bingo with you!

Here what iTombolissima offers to you:

- Possibility to choose whether to use iTombolissima as a board for extractions of numbers or a set of bingo cards to play.
- Nice Christmas style graphics.
- You can choose the color of the board and the cards.
- Prize section with "random surprise prizes"
- Sounds that announce a winning choice among many funny sounds.
- Color of the board to choose between different colors.
- Voice of the board to choose between Italian, English, Spanish and Neapolitan
- Cards downloadable from the internet if people who do not own an iPhone want to play.

This year spends Christmas with your friends and family by playing italian bingo in a fun and technological way... with iTombolissima!

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What's New

- Added button to quickly toggle the automatic extraction directly from the extractions board.
- Added help page in the extractions board.
- Fixed minor bugs.

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