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IQ Stimuli HD

IQ Stimuli HD

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Why you should play this game:

The primary goal of this game is to increase your fluid intelligence. This small app helps you do just that! By using this APP you will be using the proven N-Back algorithm to exercise your brain. Use this game for 30 minutes a day for 20 days and you should be able to increase your fluid intelligence by up to 40%. You can post you scores on facebook® and challenge you friends and family to beat your scores!

So what is fluid intelligence? It is the ability to reason quickly and to think abstractly. It is the ability to deal with complex information around us. This is often required to solve complex IQ tests. Playing the game will for most cases increase your IQ scores by a good amount.

Fluid intelligence is a type of intelligence that tends to decline during late adulthood and it is therefore vital for seniors to keep the mind in shape. A few games a day combined with some expert Sudoku’s is a good start!

When the game begins, start with a N-Back game with n equal to 2, meaning you’ll be matching items 2 places back. For example, you might see the letters “B G A F G F B”. With n=2, you’d hit the button when you see the second F, because the letter F matches 2 positions back.

Once you’ve had success with n=2, you should move a step up to n=3. Now, seeing those same letters, you’d hit the button on the second G: “B G A F G F B” because the G is a match for the letter 3 positions back.

It might seem a bit confusing right now but it gets better during the game. If you are in doubt on what you should have done in a given situation you can always look at the status bar on the game screen, it will tell you what the right move was.

Remember, it is not meant to be easy :-)

The N-Back task is a known method to stimulate brain activity. It has been widely tested since its invention in 1958 and is a proven technique to increase your fluid intelligence which is use in many of today’s standard IQ tests. The N-Back task comes in many forms and is often used to stimulate different areas of the brain using numbers, letters, images, symbols, sounds and so on.

To achieve maximum results dual N-Back is available. Start out slow with a single N-Back task and move your way up. When you can complete a single N-Back with 4 steps you should consider moving on to the dual N-Back task.

Remember to take some breaks now and then :-)

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