Gem Master! - The most difficult puzzle!

Gem Master! - The most difficult puzzle!

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-=== Forced Story Line ===-
The treasure hunter is in the tomb full of gem stones.

He may take all the gems with him but it is hard to escape!

To escape, he has to solve the puzzle.

Find out the minimum steps to solve the puzzle!

otherwise he is not going to make it.
-=== Forced Story, The End ===-

*** How to ***
1) Stages - You starts with stage No.1. If you clear the stage, you can go on.

2) Objectives - If you start the game, you will be able to find 4 red rectangles and a gem on the left bottom of the screen. If the gem on the left bottom is yellow, then put 4 yellow gems into 4 red rectangles in the given step which displays on the right top of the screen.

3*) Getting Star - If you clear in the minimum step, you will get a star. So collect all the stars in every stage :D

2. Speed
1) Objectives - You have to clear three stages as quickly as you can. The way to clear is as same as the way described above.

2) When you clear the first question the red rectangles will move to another places.

3) Repeat 2 more 2)

That's all!

Enjoy! :D
*** How to, the End ***

*** Ranking ***
There are two leader boards for rankings!

Star - How many stages did you clear with minimum step? Who's gonna collect 6,000 stars first? ;)

Speed - How quickly you did you finish speed game? And who's the best?

*** Ranking, The End ***

There are 6,000 stages!
No time limit to solve the puzzle!
But the step limits is waiting for you!

Enjoy the other games!

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