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Fight The Landlord(Poker)

Fight The Landlord(Poker)

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"Landlord" is a must-yield business entertainment, leisure and entertainment.

This game is played by three people. One of three people is the “landlord” who plays alone and the others form a team. The first to play out all his cards is the winner.

Game Rules

There are 54 cards, 17 cards for each player and 3 cards as base. Players can not see the base cards before the landlord has been confirmed.


The player who drew the face up card in the “deal” is the first to bid. The possible bids are 1, 2 and 3. Each player in turn may either pass or bid higher than before. The final and highest bidder is the landlord. If one of players bid 3, this auction is over and this player is the landlord. If none of the players bid, deal again and begin another auction.

Landlord gets the 3 cards which are the base and he should show the 3 cards to the other players. The landlord plays first. And the others follow in counter-clockwise turn. Each subsequent player must eight pass (play no card) or beat the previous player by playing a higher combination or card. When one of players play out all of his cards, this game is over.

4.Types of cards

Rocket: the pair of Jokers (Red Joker and Black Joker). It is the highest combination.
Bomb: four cards of the same rank (For example: four 7)
Single card: a single card (For example: 5 of hearts )
Pair: two cards of the same rank (For example: 4 of clubs and 4 of Diamonds )
Triplet: three cards of the same rank
Triplet with an attached card: a single card is added to a triplet (For example: 333+6 )
Sequence: at least five cards of consecutive rank (For example: 45678 or 78910JQK) Twos and Jokers can not be used.
Sequence with pair: at least three pairs of consecutive rank. Twos and Jokers can not be used. (For example: 334455 or 7788991010JJ)
Sequence with triplets: at least two triplet of consecutive rank Twos and Jokers can not be used. (For example: 333444 or 555666777888)
Sequence with triplets with attached cards: an extra card is added to each triplet (For example: 444555+7+9)
Quadplex set: four cards the same rank with two single cards. Tips: Quadplex set is not the bomb. (For example: 5555+3+8)

5.Rank of types of cards
Rocket is the highest cards and can beat all other cards.Bomb can beat everything except for Rocket. A higher ranked bomb can beat a lower ranked one.
The other cards can be ranked only if they are in the same number of cards and same type except for Bomb and Rocket.
the single card is ranked according to cards faces, which in turn is Red Joker > Black Joker >2 >A> K>J >10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3, regardless of types.
Pairs and Triplets ranked according to cards faces, too. The turn is as above.
The sequence is ranked according to the highest card.
Sequence with triplets with attached cards and Quadplex set are ranked separately according to the highest triples and the four cards' rank.

6.Determination of win and lost

When one of players runs out of cards, this game is over. If the landlord runs out his cards he has won. Otherwise the other two players won.


Base score: The bid (1, 2 or 3)
Multiple : Initial value: 1 . If anyone plays a Bomb or Rocket, the score is doubled. (if the Bomb and Rocket stay in hand without play out, they will be regarded.)

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