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Double Quotes

Double Quotes

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If you are a fan of crossword-style games, and especially if you are a higher percentile player looking for extra strategic depth and a new challenge, then I think Double Quotes will be a game you’ll enjoy.

Double Quotes requires an internet connection and most importantly, it needs someone to play against! So if you are interested in playing, convince an easily swayed friend to download it as well. That way you’ll have both an opponent, and someone to boost your ego against.


★ Tiles can be placed on existing tiles, but only to a maximum height of two - i.e., they can be “doubled”.
★ Best game and best move leaderboards
★ Wise quotes that when played, double your total move score.
★ Very high move bonuses. A 12x word bonus is possible if you are good enough.
★ It’s Zen. If it’s useless, wobbly or fluffy, it’s absent.


1. Tile letters are drawn from the quote being played, quote author inclusive. If a letter is not in the quote, it won’t be in the tile bag.
2. There are 70 tiles in total.
3. Play begins by forming a valid word that covers at least one of the center 4 squares on the board. These 4 squares each give a 2L bonus.
4. All words in the current quote are playable, including quote author name.
5. Subsequent words must either: adjoin an existing word or overlay one of the center 4 squares.
6. You may play a tile directly on top of another tile – but only if you or your opponent have not already “doubled” this particular tile.
7. You are not allowed to double a tile of the same letter.
8. Misspell 3 times on any given move and you forfeit your turn.
9. There are 2 blanks. Each player always begins the game with a blank. Blanks are worth the equivalent score of the letter they are transformed into.
10. If there are sufficient tiles in the tile bag, you may swap tiles once per game. You cannot swap a blank. Swapping forfeits your turn.
11. You may pass by playing no tiles. Your highest value tile will be removed from your rack, and its value deducted from your score.
12. Word score bonuses are multiplicative. If your word overlies both 2W and 3W squares, you will receive 6W bonus.
13. Play all the tiles in your rack in a given move for a 50 point bonus.
14. Playing a word in the quote (of 2 letters or more) doubles your move score. This doubling is calculated after all other bonuses, including the play-all-tiles bonus.
15. The game ends when a player has no tiles. Any tiles left on the opponent’s rack are deducted from the opponent’s score.

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What's New

✭ 3 strikes and you are out!

After a lot of thought and user feedback I have at last relented on the "sudden death" misspell issue. Now you have to misspell 3 times on any given move before you forfeit your turn.

This gives the player more freedom to explore the edges of their vocabulary and removes some of the stress from hitting the submit button! I think this is a big improvement and one that should have been done long ago.

✭ "Play" button renamed to "Submit" as new users were submitting blank moves in their attempt to "play" a game.

✭ Added the following words to the dictionary: UNBALED VENUS GOTH GOTHS REAK REAKS CIT CITS

✭ Added retina graphics for the new iPad

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