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Long long ago, there was a greedy snake born in the green and original forest, she loved to eat apple very much, she was growing up once finished one apple, the size was increased and the music became more cheerful. You may guide her crawling direction by setting up road sign through touching the screen, then she will crawl forward along with the road sign. During the forwarding, she will meet many fantastic tools which can bring her different magic power to make her moving more quickly or slowly, even make her more slim. Her favorite tool is Vacuum cleaner collector because it can absorb all the apples to bring her a hearty meal. But, the small boll full of thorn dislike the snake, it will become large randomly to prevent the snake’s growing, so the snake must avoid to touch the boll and the head should not connect to the tail.

the game characters:

1) set up the road sign by touching the screen, then the snake can move along with the road sign freely. Attention: the snake can make any turn randomly.

2) The tools like apple, barriers can appear randomly, the tools include accelerating, decelerating, slim, dust collector.

3) More apples the snake eat, more scores accumulated, longer she become, more fast she moving, more quickly the music rhythm.

4) The scores and tools function appear on the screen while eating apple or tool.

5) Game is over when the snake touch barriers or make the head connect with tail.

6) You can check the total scores, snake length, game time and how many apples eaten when game is over.

Tip: the quantity of apple eaten is proportional to the snake length and scores.

At the easy and leisure time, along with comfortable music and enjoy in eating apples, let’s seek the happy memory at childhood.

It’s said by the developer that the highest record is 3968, dare you come to challenge J, more wonderful story is waiting for you and let’s expect to the next version.

Thank you for your supports, any of your suggestions are welcome. QQ communication group: 177627643

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