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Chicken Control Free HD

Chicken Control Free HD

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Welcome to the Chicken Yard.

Howdy folks, today we will be herding chickens to their nest. That’s right folks I said herding chickens. How do you herd a chicken you ask? Well, let me tell you it sure is simpler than herding cats. All you have to do is draw out a line of corn or some other chicken food from just in front of them to their nest. Ok, it is not exactly herding in a traditional sense of the word, but I tell you when you are done you will feel like you where herding.

So, first some basic facts about chickens you need to know. They don’t just like any old nest. Oh no they have to be in one they find proper or they will just get up and walk out of it. More often than not that ends in a chicken fight. The next minor thing you need to know is the hens are just down right fussy. Don’t get them to close to other hens or they will go to fussing. If you let them bump into each other you are going to have a chicken fight on your hands. That just puts an end to all of the chickens wanting to nest.

Now if you are real good at the chicken herding there are some ribbons you can earn as sort of a reward for all your efforts. Heck I will just give you one ribbon if you can manage to herd any chickens in each of my chicken yards.

Oh yeah that reminds me, there are three chicken yards here at this chicken farm for beginners and seven more those wishing to pay for admission. Each one has its own bunch of chickens and their preferred nesting arrangements. What worked in one yard probably will not working in the rest.

So good luck and go herd up some chickens. We need some eggs for breakfast.

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