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Centipede Ultra

Centipede Ultra

       iOS iPhone

Destroy the Centipede attacking before it reaches the bottom of the garden.

Centipede Ultra for the iPhone is a true mobile evolution of Atari's classic. Watch out for fleas, bees, spiders, scorpions, earwigs, ladybugs, mosquitoes, and inchworms. For the first time ever players have 9 new power ups, like an uber-laser, bombs, rapid fire and more. These new power ups amp this classic arcade shooter to new intensity levels. Also includes two player support; see if you can you get the high score!

Weapon Upgrades
• Rapid Fire: For 10 seconds, the player’s Shooter fires automatically and at double the normal auto-fire speed.

• Multi-Shot: For 10 shots, the player’s Shooter fires three parallel bullets each time it is fired.

• Power Shot: For 10 shots, each shot fired by the player’s Shooter counts as 4 for the purposes of damaging and destroying Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms.

• Reflect Shot: For 10 shots, the player’s Shooter fires diagonally to the left and right (two shots each time fired) and those shots will reflect off of the sides of the Player and Main Zones if they do not hit an enemy • Anti-Centipede Laser: For 5 seconds, the player’s Shooter fires a continuous beam of light towards the top of the screen. Any enemy caught in the laser is destroyed and does not create a Mushroom in its wake.

Environmental Power-Ups
• Time Slow: For 10 seconds, all enemies move at 50% speed.

• DDT (Bomb): Destroys all enemies on screen instantly.

• Burst: Destroys all enemies within a certain radius of the Burst Power-Up instantly.

• Swarm: Spawns 5 additional non-Centipede enemies instantly.

Developed by Griptonite Games


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