Can You Solve This?

Can You Solve This?

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“Can You Solve This?” presents you with an unknown theory to solve. Using numbers it enhances your ability to solve problems. It’s challenging, but the more effectively you use the scientific method, the more you’ll win.

The inspiration for the game comes from a Veritasium video I watched on YouTube After watching I wanted to play through the experience myself. I looked through the comments and I saw many people say, "I would have got it in the first minute or two," or "I wouldn’t have guessed that." I found others wanted to have the experience for themselves too and I wasn’t alone.

Let me explain the specifics of the game a little more. You’re presented with a 3 number sequence. The 3 numbers follow a specific rule and you’re trying to figure out the rule. The only way to get information is to propose 3 numbers. The game will either says, “Yes, that follows the rule” or “No, that doesn’t follow the rule.” You can propose 3 numbers up to 3 different times and then you can guess the rule that the sequence follows.

The 3 number sequence generates from an algorithm that creates thousands of unknown possibilities. This makes the gameplay fresh even after several plays. I don’t expect it to be something that entertains you for weeks, but it’s worth a few plays and it’s free.

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