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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee (a game for 8-bit personal / home computers released in 1984) is one of THE defining games of the 1980s.

The Bruce Lee app will be offered as an in-app purchase from within the Elite Collection app. (The in-app will be priced at £1.49/€1.59/US$1.99 and it may include one or more other 8-bit games).

The Bruce Lee app is also available in this stand-alone form. It does not include any other 8-bit games but it does include an infinite lives version.

The Bruce Lee app is the near-100% original 8-bit game, as designed by Ron J. Fortier, with graphics by Kelly Day and music by John A. Fitzpatrick and published by Datasoft in 1984 and is brought to you - as an officially licenced product - utilizing our Elite Collection technology.

- portrait and landscape play / display modes
- iDaptive (user-definable, game-specific joystick, keypad & canvass) Controls
- (Google: "Tiny URL 22qh8hl") for more info
- ‘auto save’, on exiting the game
- authentic '8-Bit' sound
- support for iCade controllers

About Datasoft's Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee is a platform/beat 'em up hybrid, in which the player controls Bruce Lee. The plot involves the eponymous martial artist advancing from chamber to chamber in a wizard's tower, seeking to claim infinite wealth and the secret of immortality. There are twenty chambers, each represented by a single screen with platforms and ladders. To progress, the player must collect a number of lanterns suspended from various points in the chamber. Each chamber is guarded by two mobile enemies; The Ninja, who attacks with a Ninjatō sword and The Green Yamo, a sumo wrestler who attacks with punches and kicks. A multiplayer mode (not supported in this app) allowed a second player to control Yamo, or to allow two players to alternately control Bruce. The Ninja and the Yamo are also vulnerable to the screen's dangers, but have infinite lives so they always return. If the player playing the Green Yamo is inactive for a certain time, the computer takes over. Later chambers include more hazards such as mines and moving walls, as well as a "comb-like" surface that has an electric spark racing along it. Skillful walking, climbing, ducking and jumping are required to negotiate them. On the twentieth screen, Lee finally faces the evil Fire Wizard.

About Elite®: Elite Systems Ltd was incorporated in England in 1984.

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