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Balance Game

Balance Game

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In Balance Game you have to achieve the perfect balance. You will be presented with a different types of scales that have some objects in different sizes and shapes loaded on them. Your task is to add more objects to bring the scale into perfect balance. You get a preview of which element you are going to add. You can add it anywhere on the screen - just tap the screen at the point where you want to add it, the longer you hold your finger on the screen, the bigger the object gets. But be careful to choose the right size and location - you only have a limited number of objects you can add per level. In the easier levels, you don’t have to achieve the absolute perfect balance, but only pretty close to it. The lower right corner of the game shows you in which range the balance has to be achieved, the upper right corner shows you how many objects you have left - on the left side you see a preview of the object to be added. You get points for added blocks, level completion, unused blocks and time bonus points if you are really fast - but you get points subtracted if blocks fall of the screen.

This game features a realistic physical behavior (powered by the box2d engine), beautiful graphics (powered by cocos2d) and beautiful background graphics and different soundtracks (which you can change to match your mood).

This game is Scoreloop enabled

That means, you don’t have to play it alone! You can compare your scores with other gamers worldwide and even challenge them directly.

You can challenge just about anyone like your contacts or buddies on Facebook. Or you can simply challenge existing players by tapping their name in the high score list. You can also create and accept anonymous challenges. Scoreloop will make sure you play against someone who is about as skilled as you are.
And if you really perform well, you can win medals that show your skills to your opponents in your profile.

Find out how thrilling it is to challenge others!

For more info on Scoreloop please visit:

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