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Angry Drums Free

Angry Drums Free

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Cute Japanese cartoon music game,Angry drums, 1.01 new free version of the on-line.


Update version 1.01 of Angry drums, American players comment:It’s Japanese Angry birds with drums.

The story takes place in January 2012, Taiko of Japan is anger and counterattack human,how should we do? Waiting for the emergence of a hero!

2012 most suitable for playing music game with family, the tension-filled excitement of the Angry Drums wait for you to experience. Double mode fun double, play with your friends! If you want to get more updates please download the paid version.

Most emotional interactive music game,most musical interest family games, don't miss the free.Angry Drums--- Family necessary!The music game will make your family happy. Beyond the music game modes of traditional Tap class!

Plot Summary:

Little drums have long been human beings continue to take the drumstick to knock heads, and finally could not stand the human counterattack! You want to pick up a drumstick, and little drums have a duel.

"Angry drums" is a cute cartoon-style music games, action games and music game will be perfect combination , Will give players creative new gaming experience. Players tap the screen to fly out of small drums to follow the music ,were shot down they and earn scores, you can open the next level.But you should be careful, if an inattentive, you will be little drums is beaten to a package!, last physical power weak ,game over.Can’t bear! Where there is oppression and where there is resistance! Little drum to get people to taste the feel of drumsticks knock on the head!Little drums has ready picked up the drumsticks to knock your head, they will fly from the screen in all directions, if the response is slow, You will be beaten to a package!

The game features

The perfect combination of percussion games and music games! Test your ability to reaction

Equipment props system, you can not only strengthen yourself by the store to buy props, you can also increase the variety of magical abilities to yourself!

Double mode fun double, play with your friends!

This version of the game updates:

Solve the bug problem, modify the judgment of time,the game become more fun.

Introduced a new mode of percussion, as well as novice practice mode, and increase of three teaching levels, lead you step by step play the game.

Battle mode can accumulate energy, let opponents screen blacking,to interfere with others score, this is the key to victory!

Modify the determine of game, making the game to hit more accurately, scoring more varied.

Double mode the addition of two levels, choose your good at songs to game.

Send microblogging was get a gift, a large number of gold coins and props for free to you!

Come along with the music, a duel with little drums!

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