Ice Pops Recipe Maker from Fine Cooking

Ice Pops Recipe Maker from Fine Cooking

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What better way to cool off a hot summer day than with a cold ice pop? That’s why we’ve created the Ice Pop Maker with more than 34,000 flavor possibilities, from piña colada to cucumber-juniper You can be confident in your ice pop experimentation because the formula has been tested extensively in Fine Cooking’s renowned Test Kitchen.

Our Ice Pop Recipe Maker keeps it simple: there are four easy steps to making your ice pops: first choose whether you want a creamy pop (with yogurt) or just a basic fruit-based pop. Next, choose your fruit base, from tangerine juice to blackberry puree. Next, you can layer in a flavor by infusing the sugar syrup with herbs, spices, or citrus zest. Finally, you can stir chunks of fruit or coconut into the pops just before freezing for a little textural variety. With more than 34,000 possible ingredient combinations it's all up to your imagination. The Recipe Maker gives you a full recipe with exact amounts and instructions. Expert tips at each step help guide your choices. Once you've built your recipe, you can send it to yourself or share it with a friend.

WARNING: The makers of this app do not assume liability for users who attempt to make and/or consume 34,000 different ice pop combinations. Brain freeze can be a common side effect. Eat responsibly.

Ice Pop Recipe Maker steps and choices:

• Step 1: Choose your pop style: creamy or icy
• Step 2: Choose a fruit puree or juice base
• Step 2: Choose a flavor infusion
• Step 3: Mix-ins give texture and character just before freezing
• Step 6: Freeze, eat & enjoy
• Repeat as necessary

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