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Stock Viewer

Stock Viewer

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View more stocks in a compact interface. Most stock apps only let you see 5-10 stocks. Stock Viewer lets you view 30 stock indices, with updates from Yahoo Finance as frequently as you wish.

Bottom buttons include:

"Last Time" shows the most recent stock values

"Show Min" shows the lowest value for the trading day

"Show Max" shows the highest value for the trading day

"Show %" shows the % difference between the current price and the opening price

Arrow graphics next to the price indicate the change for the current day: up (green), down (red), or no change (red/green).

Use the Settings button to change the update frequency and stock symbols.

Design by Darren Gates, created by Catherine Stace.

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What's New

A minor bug has been fixed that prevented some users from saving the stock ticker data when exiting the application.

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