Talking Friends - Baby Twins, Firefighter, Princess, Cat and Mouse

Talking Friends - Baby Twins, Firefighter, Princess, Cat and Mouse

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Talk with the Talking Friends, they respond with their funny voices and react to what you say or your touch and play the exciting and funny games.
★ Talking Baby Twins
★ Max the Firefighter
★ Sweet Little Talking Princess
★ Cat vs. Mouse

★ ★ ★ Talking Baby Twins ★ ★ ★
Adopt these two cute babies they like to play and discover new things. These sweet babies are actually very gifted and one of their favorite games consists in trying to imitate famous dance stiles, like break dance, Egyptian, or even the moonwalk as Michal Jackson the king of pop did.
Remember to buy them always two teddy bears because they do not like to share them and most likely will start fighting to prevail on the other in order to get the desired toy.


✔ Exciting Games:
• Butterfly game – target of the game is to catch the mystic butterfly
• Dance Game – try to match the right music with the right dance (pulp fiction style, moonwalk style, breakdance, Egyptian style)
• Train Game - try to increase the speed of the locomotive
• Teddy Bear Game –start an exciting tug-of war with a colleague (friend)
✔ Many different animations: e.g. get angry, screaming, laughing, crying, dancing and much more

★ ★ ★Cat vs Mouse ★ ★ ★
Play with this fantastic animation game and take part in this epic war between cat and mouse. Select the figure on which side you want to stand.


✔ Funny Cartoon/Comic Style Story
✔ Many different animations: mousetrap, bomb, piano, slingshot, water hose, hammer etc.
✔ Choose your favorite character. Who is your hero?
✔ Cool Games:
•Chasing game: Choose your player, and start hunting your opponent down. Find the right moment to catch your opponent.
•The Bomb: Find the right color combination to deactivate the bomb temporarily

★ ★ ★Firefighter ★ ★ ★
Spend an exciting time with this brave firefighter. Help him to fulfill his duties as good as possible.
Max is a really nice guy that has dedicated his life to saving victims' lives, saving properties, and protecting the environment. He is always ready to intervene when the alarm rings and somebody is in danger. Become his assistant and have a look to his everyday tasks.


✔ Exciting games:
• Protect the forest from the flames. Try to extinguish the fire with the helicopters help.
• Try to avoid the burning down of the building. Strike the hot spots with the water.
• Save the kittens. Climb up a ladder and rescue the cats. Find the right combination to get the kittens from the tree (memory game).
✔ Many different animations like: shouts, answers phone calls, laughs, dances, and much more.

★ ★ ★ Sweet Little Talking Princess ★ ★ ★

Talk, dance and sing with the beautiful princess! She answers with her charming voice and responds to what you say and your touch. Become a pop queen with this new and modern princess. Additionally, with 3 fun games included.


✔ Many different animations, such as, dance, sit, feeding the horse, care for babies, and much more.
✔ She sings different songs, she sings to you while she is accompanied by different melodies.
✔ She dances and sings on stage with different sounds. Record your own hit and let her perform it.
Press one of the three buttons to change the way of her interpretation.
✔ Cool Game: check how sporty the princess is. Help her catching various objects like cats, hearts, blue stars, cloverleaves etc. Beware of the false red objects!
✔ Help the princess in the childcare: She is very fond of children and takes care of three sweet babies that are crying easily.
✔ She loves animals and feeds her horse: find out what kind of food her horse prefers. What will be his favorite meal, kiwi, carrots, corn, banana, fish or maybe, sunflowers, orange, salad, bread etc.

This app offers endless entertainment with fun and laughter for everyone! It offers children, teens and adults of all age’s great amusement.

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