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Sketch Club is a powerful digital art tool paired with a vibrant community of artists across all skill levels. Ranging from professional illustrators and concept artists to students and hobbyists, creative people from all over the world join together in Sketch Club to create, share, and inspire!


• State of the art brush and compositing engines rivaling expensive desktop applications
• Up to 64 layers with configurable blending, naming, and color tagging
• Up to 4K canvas size with presets including standard 300 DPI print sizes
• Brush, Blur, Eraser, Fill, Pen, Pixels, Procedural, Select, Smudge, Text, and Vector tools
• Loads of built in tool presets plus thousands more from the community
• Layer filters for color adjust, blurs, edges, noise, vignette and more
• Layer transform with skew, shear, and tiling
• Line, circle, and square shapes with automatic aspect ratio snapping
• Horizontal, vertical, and dual mirroring modes
• Canvas recording and export in full 1080 HD
• Background autosave and persistent undo history
• Universal binary supporting iPhones and iPads
• Over 5 years running of continuous updates
• No annoying in-app purchases or ads

• Brushes with high resolution shapes, pattern textures, and input curves
• Export brush and smudge presets to iCloud Drive
• Create and share custom brush presets in community library
• Pen tool presets include calligraphy, fountain pen, gel pen, and more
• Pen and Vector tools include simplify for smooth lines even with shaky hands
• Create smooth filled shapes and gradient with Vector
• Procedural Sketchy and Smooth for amazing fast results
• Procedural Bristles for oil painting simulation

• Configurable color themes to make Sketch Club uniquely yours
• Floating tool switcher and undo history that snap to screen edges
• Popup quick color swatch and size and opacity controls
• Floating reference image with color sampling

• New challenge every day and new competition every week!
• Massive library of shared brushes, templates, and textures
• Live stream and chat for feedback and fun while you draw
• Learn through tutorials, speed painting videos, and live classes
• Follow other artists and gain fans as you share your creations
• Community whiteboard with realtime collaborative drawing
• Fun community projects like magazine, book, co-op murals and music videos
• Annual awards honoring some of the best creations each year

• iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support
• PSD file format export
• RGB and hexadecimal color inputs
• Bluetooth stylus support for Adonit, FiftyThree, Hex3, TenOne, and Wacom
• Screen mirroring modes for presentations and demos
• Draw in Multiply, Normal, Overlay, and Screen brush blend modes
• Input curves with angle, distance, fade, pressure, random, speed tilt, and time

Join us in Sketch Club today!

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What's New

New features!!
• You can now import from Adobe Creative Cloud! Tap Load Image button on a layer to bring in your content from Adobe Photoshop PSD files, Adobe Illustrator AI files, plus SVG, PDF and of course images too!
• The share / export sheet now also has an option to send your creations and changes out to Creative Cloud.
• When loading images from any source the app now let's you position and size them before rasterizing them into the layer.
• Snapping to edges and center lines is now available while placing images and performing layer transformations!
• A whole new set of Tiling templates is now available in the community library and tiling is improved to apply to selections and source image instead of the full layer.
• You can now create a new Smudge preset by importing from a Brush preset
• Two finger tap to undo. This is really nice when using the Apple Pencil. Speaking of which...

Apple Pencil upgrades!
• New brush preset Pencil Shading 2.0
• New brush input curve for rotation and stylus azimuth
• New option in stylus panel to ignore finger touches while Apple Pencil is active

Misc extras
• New pink color theme option
• New canvas rotation preference in Settings called Snapping. It snaps to 90 degree increments.
• Usage stats tool in actions panel while browsing local gallery
• Color panel brightness and saturation sliders now support pull away precision

Bug fixes
• Fix bunch of issues when device is low on storage space
• Fix for accurate stylus positioning with Wacom and Jot Touch
• Fix layer color fill on iPhone 5
• Fix issue with missing color swatches for some people
• Fix livestream audio glitches
• Fix for the app not freeing up temporary files promptly
• Misc fixes with iTunes and Dropbox import and export

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