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Sketch Club

Sketch Club

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Sketch Club provides not just fantastic tools to create but also motivation and inspiration to keep you going through an integrated online community. You can upload your sketches to let others rate and comment as well as enter daily challenges and fun weekly competitions with fabulous prizes! You can even create speed painting videos with direct uploads to YouTube as well as broadcast your own sketching livestreams! Come see what people are creating at

Do you like features? Good news, Sketch Club has LOTS of those!! :)

• Fluid multitouch canvas rotate and zoom
• Uncluttered user interface with quick access to optional floating elements behind the canvas
• Floating reference image, quick tool size and opacity controls, and pop up color swatch
• Lots of settings to customize the app to your own unique preferences
• Universal binary you can use on all your iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches and send sketches between
• Tightly integrated online community including a community brush library, backgrounds and coloring templates

• Sketch Club has a unique set of flexible digital brushes, pens, vector tools, old school pixel art, and fun procedural tools!
• Each tool can function in a variety of modes adding to the canvas, restricted to only modify color leaving transparency intact, or erasing
• Brush has 44 built in presets and new brushes can be created from photos, shared via e-mail and downloaded from the Sketch Club community brush library!
• Pen tool has many presets to achieve different styles like calligraphy, fountain pen, and velocity or pressure based thickness
• Pen and Vector tools have configurable simplification and smoothing system to ensure clean lines with even shaky hands
• Vector tool can create smooth filled shapes, and even gradients
• Smudge tool can smear, blend, and blur with any brush shape you choose
• All tools support freehand drawing as well as line, circle, and square shapes there's even mirroring for symmetric drawings like faces!

• Up to 20 layers with controls for opacity, compositing modes, and common functions like copying and merging
• Layer transform tool to move, resize, rotate, flip and even tile layers
• Layer filters to easily adjust color, perform blurs, achieve cool effects and more!

• Import from your photo library or iTunes file sharing
• Export to e-mail in JPG, PNG (with or without transparency), PSD and native .sketchClub formats
• Also sending to Facebook, iTunes file sharing, Dropbox, photo library and AirPrint printers
• Load sketches, custom brushes, and pen or procedural presets directly from Mail app into Sketch Club

• Daily challenges so you always have fun fresh ideas (there's even a fun idea generator!)
• Live stream and chat directly from within Sketch Club as you draw!
• Library of shared community templates and brushes directly in the app
• Learn from other artists through tutorials, speed painting videos, and live classes
• Become fans of other artists and grow your own fan base as you develop your skills
• Forums, chat, and realtime collaborative drawing on the community whiteboard
• Push notifications for activity on your sketches. Find out right away when people comment on your sketches, give them hearts, and when your sketches win in competitions!
• Be inspired by over 600,000 works of art all created on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

What's new

Your wait for the Sketch Club update is finally over - welcome to version 2.0!! Featuring fresh interface designs for the app and community with help from the amazing SKYW4KR and Unihorse!

• ALL NEW home screen
• ALL NEW layers panel
• ALL NEW icons
• ALL NEW save system
• ALL NEW color themes
• ALL NEW sharing capabilities
• ALL NEW iPhone 6 support
• ALL NEW iOS 8 support

New save system: The save slot system has been replaced. Sketches are now managed in a more iOS standard way and there's no more 2,000 sketch limit. As a bonus you can now also name your sketch files and reorder them!

New layers panel: You can now name layers and assign color tabs to them to help keep your sketch organized and communicate with co-op partners. Tap and hold a layer for quick popup options, swipe left to reveal merging and deleting, or hit the info button for maximum user interfacery!

Sharing your sketches now uses the new iOS sharing features to make it super easy to post to all kinds of other places like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Flipboard, Pinterest, Evernote, and more! You can even AirDrop sketches between your devices!

Hop into the community to play with all the changes that have been rolling out this year including the all new activity feed, updated forums, brushes browsing, classes archive, and groups! Groups let you join up with others around particular interests or styles, participate in group events, and curate group galleries.

Hope you enjoy the changes and there's lots more still in the works! Hop on into the Sketch Club forums to leave your feedback and suggestions. Happy Halloween!! ^_^


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