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Now works on iPOD TOUCH with a mic plugged in!

"Heck, if it worked for that poor old country bastard Clem and his mangy hairless dog, 
SEX-A-MA-PHONE should be a slam dunk for the rest of you!”

SEX-A-MA-PHONE will change the way you meet people. Your friends (or that hottie at the bar) will love the way this amazing machine takes a sample of a person’s breath, analyzes it, and gives one of 128 different readings from “Wicked Hot“ to “Doink” and all kinds of craziness in between.

A perfect way to start a conversation, flirt or just have fun with friends.

Beautifully designed, you’ll hook them when they see the SEX-A-MA-PHONE contraption in action. It looks and sounds like a quality, time worn antique from the future. A fantastical old-world apparatus straight out of an H.G. Wells novel, it functions like a mechanical instrument with switches, fancy gauges and the spinning results wheel.

• Simply blow into the mouthpiece to set the machine in motion
• Watch as your breath swirls into the glass chamber for analysis
• See the results wheel spin and work it’s magic
• Personalized readings tell you if you’re the Hot-Ness or the Not-Ness!

The results range from very positive and complimentary to sarcastic and funny. It will nail your personal sex appeal every time, making the SEX-A-MA-PHONE a big hit at parties, clubs, or just hanging out at home. If you have ever wished for the ideal ice-breaker, the SEX-A-MA-PHONE is it.

With two modes tailored to either male or female readings, you won’t want to put it down. Want to get the most out of your SEX-A-MA-PHONE? See if you can find the hidden features.

Hint: Check out for more info and captivating new apps.

Keywords: Sexamaphone, sex-a-phone, stud finder, babe meter, babe detector.

"This sucker reeks of quality. Phenomenal graphics and this sci-fi time machine vibe going on – fancy gauges, mechanical switches, a glass chamber … even comes with a flux capacitor … hot chick’s love flux capacitors!"

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