Pics HD for Reddit

Pics HD for Reddit

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Enjoy 1000's of internet's most outrageous, funny, amusing pictures discovered by the Reddit community.

• 1000's of awesome pics
• Premium support for viewing animated GIFs
• See pics by subreddit or all subreddits combined
• Sort pics by hotness, newness, and best of all time
• Preview pic thumbnails for faster browsing
• Toggle between high and low resolution picture quality
• "Auto HD" feature lets switch to high resolution mode on pinch-zoom
• Swipe your finger on the screen to see next or previous pic
• Share pics via email, Twitter, or Facebook
• Zoom-in on pictures through intuitive finger gestures
• Toggle between comment page and picture page with a single touch
• Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Pro features:
• Remove ads
• Submit picture to reddit
• Upload picture to Imgur
• View picture comments
• Save picture into Photo Album (supports saving GIFs)
• Add any subreddit
• Support the developer

See these awesome subreddits
• /r/funny - (hilarious pics)
• /r/wtf - (shocking pics)
• /r/aww - (cute pics)
• /r/adviceanimals - (funny comics)
• and many more...

NOTE: This application is not affiliated with Reddit.

If you experience any issues (i.e application crashes) with the application, please send an email to In your email, please describe the problem, type of device you are using (e.g. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and the iOS version and we'll investigate it.

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[May 20, 2016, Note from Developer: Some of your app rating comments break my heart. The icon change and login change is both requested by reddit. All third-party reddit apps must switch to the new login system. Why all the permissions? Well, because the app needs them to perform actions on your behalf. You want to upvote/downvote a picture? The app needs permission to do that. Want to submit a picture to reddit using the app? Well, the app needs permission to do that. Want to not need to re-login into your account every hour? Well, the app needs permission to do that. You understand? Without those permissions, the app can't do anything useful on your behalf. When you tap agree to give permissions to this app, reddit sends a key back to your device (not to us). The key stays within your device. We never see that key and never will. If the app misuses the permissions in anyway, we'd lose your trust, reddit's trust, and Apple's trust— and that'll get the app shut down real quick. We won't risk everything this app has accomplished to do something so meaningless (what you do on reddit— I don't care!). If you have any other questions or concerns, just write a email to We always try our best to answer every e-mail we receive.]

Version 2.12.2

• Fixed critical crash-on-app-launch bug.

Version 2.12.1

• Fixed critical in-app purchase issue ("error code -40").
• Fixed a few bugs that causes the app to crash.
• Added support to allow you to login into reddit via OAuth2.
• Added support displaying images from reddit's image server.
• Updated the app icon.

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