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Marius The Epicurean, by Walter Horatio Pater

Marius The Epicurean, by Walter Horatio Pater

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Marius The Epicurean
by Walter Horatio Pater


1. “The Religion of Numa”
2. White-Nights
3. Change of Air
4. The Tree of Knowledge
5. The Golden Book
6. Euphuism
7. A Pagan End

8. Animula Vagula
9. New Cyrenaicism
10. On the Way
11. “The Most Religious City in the World”
12. “The Divinity that Doth Hedge a King”
13. The “Mistress and Mother” of Palaces
14. Manly Amusement

15. Stoicism at Court
16. Second Thoughts
17. Beata Urbs
18. "The Ceremony of the Dart"
19. The Will as Vision

20. Two Curious Houses — 1. Guests
21. Two Curious Houses — 2. The Church in Cecilia's House
22. "The Minor Peace of the Church"
23. Divine Service
24. A Conversation Not Imaginary
25. Sunt Lacrimae Rerum
26. The Martyrs
27. The Triumph of Marcus Aurelius
28. Anima Naturaliter Christiana

About The Author:

"Walter Horatio Pater (1839-1894) was an English essayist, critic of art and literature, and writer of fiction.
Pater set about clarifying and exemplifying his ideas through fiction. In his philosophical novel Marius the Epicurean ... he displays, with much intellectual elaboration and poetic feeling but with little narrative interest, his ideal of the aesthetic life, his philosophy of beauty tempered by aestheticism, and his theory of the stimulating effect of the pursuit of beauty as an ideal in itself. The novel's opening and closing episodes betray Pater's continuing nostalgia for the atmosphere, ritual and community of the religious faith he had lost." --Wikipedia


"... a philosophical novel set in the Rome of the Antonines.
It elaborates Pater's ideal of the aesthetic life, his cult of beauty tempered by asceticism ..." --Wikipedia

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