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Available exclusively on the App Store, meticulously designed to be beautifully powerful, and painstakingly engineered for iPad — Inspire Pro delivers an incredibly fast and realistic painting, drawing, and sketching experience that you can take with you wherever you go and use whenever inspiration strikes.

Our proprietary painting engine Sorcery™ takes full advantage of the GPU to render brush strokes with brilliant 64-bit color, laser-sharp sub-pixel precision, and insanely fast speed. While the strokes of a wet oil paint brush look beautiful on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Graze the canvas with just a bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or use stronger pressure to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones.

Whether you are a budding artist, seasoned professional, or somewhere in-between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of the most intuitive and compelling illustration app for iPad, Inspire Pro.

• 150 high quality brushes to choose from, divided into 15 sets: Oil Paint, Airbrushes, Spray Paint, Paint Splatter, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers, Chalk, Charcoal, Pastels & Conté, Basic Shapes, Complex Shapes, Shape Outlines, Patterns, and Textures
• All brushes can be used as a Wet Brush, Dry Brush (Blending), or Eraser
• Over 20 different settings are available to customize brush strokes with powerful versatility and variation

• Sorcery™, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on the App Store
• Full-fledged Apple Pencil support for pressure, tilt angle, and orientation
• Smart Keyboard support with over 20 context-sensitive keyboard shortcuts
• Create a canvas of any size up to 16K (64MP) on iPad Pro
• Dual-texture brushes
• 64-bit color
• All device orientations are supported all the time — switch from portrait to landscape painting with ease
• 1000 levels of undo and redo are available
• Touch and slide hotspots can be used to quickly change brush size, opacity, and pressure without opening a menu
• The eyedropper tool can be used with a touch and hold gesture to select paint colors from the canvas
• The canvas can be moved around, rotated, and zoomed in and out up to 6400%
• Create a painting right within the Messages app, starting from a blank canvas or an image from your Photos

Canvas Playback Video Recording
• Brush strokes are automatically recorded as you paint without any delay
• You can play the video of your artwork being created stroke-by-stroke directly in the gallery
• Exported videos are high quality HD at up to 1080p resolution

Color Picker
• Choose any paint color you can dream of with the intuitive color picker
• HSB and RGB sliders accompany a large color circle, color square, and opacity slider
• Your latest colors are saved to a palette automatically while you paint
• You can also save your favorite colors to a palette with drag and drop

Visit to check out more screenshots, videos and artwork.

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What's New

Based on your feedback, which we greatly appreciate, we have decided to remove all in-app purchases from Inspire Pro and make those 7 brush sets free, included in the original price of the app. Paint Splatter, Spray Paint, Charcoal, Pastels & Conté, Complex Shapes, Shape Outlines, and Patterns are now all available with this new update.

For those of you that already purchased any of the extra brush sets, we would like to extend a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support. We are a very small team from Ottawa, Canada with no fancy Silicon Valley venture capital and so your support has allowed us to keep working on the app and doing what we love. Rest assured you have contributed to keeping an indie developer alive — one that is dedicated to bringing you awesome, free updates to Inspire Pro for as long as we can.

Speaking of updates, we are hard at work on our biggest one ever. Inspire Pro 4.0 will have many amazing new features, including layers. Stay tuned to our social networks @snowCanoe to find out when we will be starting our public beta if you’re interested in helping us test the new update.

Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy all of the extra brush sets!


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