Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

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Often described as the world’s greatest procrastination site and the perfect way to spend an afternoon, Imgur (pronounced “image-err”) makes it easy to discover and enjoy the most awesome images on the Internet. What a time to be alive!

- Sit back and swipe through an endless stream of hilarious GIFs, heartwarming stories, mind blowing science facts, adorable animal pics and so much more. Watch as your spirits lift right before your eyes.
- Where does all that awesome stuff come from, you ask? Simple: people from all around the world submit images, and Imgur users vote up the best of them so all can bask in their glory.
- If you want to get fancy, you can browse posts by topic, search for specific kinds of posts, and cast judgement by upvoting, downvoting, and commenting on posts.
- Be warned: time has been known to quicken in this realm.

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What's New

- Quickly add GIFs to comments by tapping the "+GIF" button.
- Improves loading time of images, especially on cellular connections.
- Fixes iCloud photos not loading when choosing images to upload (iOS 9 only).
- Fixes "you are not authorized" messages when deleting or unpublishing posts or comments.
- Fixes showing the wrong favorite status of a post viewed from a notification.
- Fixes tapping a comment not scrolling up to reveal actions.
- Fixes GIF playback restarting in comments when tapping 'show more'.
- Fixes trying to inline bad URLs like `` which is not a valid GIF.
- Fixes a crash when lightboxing and swiping between posts.
- Fixes crashing when loading an uploads list which contains empty albums.
- Fixes "unknown error" messages for some actually-known errors from the server.
- Fixes swiping down to close keyboard on some search screens.
- Fixes, perhaps, a crash on iOS 8 on startup for a small number of users.

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