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The One and Only ANTI-FART App!
*** ON SALE TODAY! *** Limted time only
- so get it before the price soon goes up! :)

There are lots of fart apps on here and sure - it's fun to joke around with your friends and have a good laugh. But what if you're in a situation where you DON'T want people to hear your embarassing under-leg sounds??

That's when the iDontFart app comes to the rescue - easily disguise your farts and other rude noises with common everyday sounds!

iDontfart is easy to use:
When you're about to make an unpleasant noise, simply choose one of the sounds and press the button. People will then hear an innocent sound instead of your terrible one. Your rude noises will all be disguised and your dignity will remain intact. People will never know what you're *really* up to! ;)

There are 12 different high-quality sounds, tested and optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G.

There are plenty of situations where iDontFart could potentially save you from horrible shame and embarassment. For example:

- on a first date
- using the bathroom at work (or any public bathroom)
- when meeting your girlfriend's or boyfriend's parents
- at the library
- in a movie theater
- etc, etc.

Sure, you might be laughing now and be thinking this is all stupid and/or silly - but seriously... Do you really want to take the risk of NOT having this app in your collection? Your dignity is certainly worth more than that!

*NOTE: If you'd like to hear the sounds louder, simply adjust the volume button on your iPhone or iPod Touch. :)

What people are saying:

"Thanks so much for making this app! It saved me (but not my underwear) from plenty of embarassing situations"!

"Wow, this works great - I used to be too embarassed to use the bathroom at work, but now I go whenever I need to."

"I recently took a girl out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and needed to use the bathroom at her place after. If it wasn't for this app, she probably would've asked me to leave"!

Be sure to check out our other app called "Sexy Bikini Fart" - it's awesome! :)

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