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How Much Can iPee?

How Much Can iPee?

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Thanks for downloading iPee! We hope you are ready to find out how much you can pee! Log all your pees to see how much you pee in a week, month, or year! Keep stats on your longest and largest volume pees too!

1. You can start out by going to "iPee Preferences" and selecting the toilet you wish to see during your pee. Then you can select your "Pee Object," which you will later convert your pee volume into.

2. Now click on "Bathroom," then click the bathroom door and it will swing open.

3. In the bathroom, you can see your toilet, a slider to control the "pee speed", a pee timer, and a stoplight.

4. Get ready to click the toilet or the stoplight when you are about to pee. You can adjust the "pee speed" slider before you begin if you know you approximately how fast you will pee. When you begin to urinate, click the stoplight causing it to go green and start the pee timer.

5. Adjust the "pee speed" slider to correspond with your current rate of pee. If your rate changes, you can adjust the slider and it automatically calculated the volume of pee per second.

6. When you are finished peeing, click the toilet or stoplight and it will go red and then timer will stop.

7. Click "Done" to go to the "Results" page. Now you can see your pee time, pee volume, and an illustration of a pitcher with your pee volume.

8. You can click on the "Pee Object" to view your pee as different objects. This can be used to answer questions such as, "how many bananas worth can you pee?"

9. You can click "Share Your Pee" to email or text your friends and family about how much you can pee and challenge them to see how much they can pee. Really is quite humorous and fun to share!

10. Now you can click on "Home" to await your next bathroom break.

11. You can click on "Statistics" if you want to view your total pee volume and your records for longest time and largest volume. Click "Update iPee Statistics" after each pee in order to add the latest times and volumes.

Fun stuff to learn how much you really pee in a day or week! Check it out you might be surprised at what you find!

Have fun peeing!!


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